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Shopping & Shipping from US or UK Online Stores

With ShopToMyDoor you have unlimited access to top US and UK online stores selling the best brands at very cheap prices. You can shop direct using your VISA or MasterCard and PayPal account. It’s that easy! But if you card is declined by some of those online stores in US and UK we can help to get your items and the best deals using our Shop for Me service. 


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Shopping with just a click – See how to start

How much will it cost to ship a package from the United States to your door?

With as little as $14.99 you can ship items you buy from any US/UK online stores to Nigeria. At ShopToMyDoor you do not experience shipping delays and you do not pay ShopToMyDoor convenience charge. All you will be paying is your shipping/delivery cost.

Combine and Save helps to lower your shipping cost, so you can buy from one or multiple online stores. Cost savings are based on price of shipping each package individually vs. shipping them together. Read more ways to reduce shipping cost here.

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Shipping Methods from US and UK to Nigeria

Air Shipping from US & UK

Shipping from USA to Nigeria is faster with our twice a week shipping:
  • First Ship-Out: Wednesday. Note: Payment must be made on or before our cut-off time on Tuesday 3pm
  • Second Ship-Out: Friday. Note: Payment must be made on or before our cut-off time on Thursday 3pm


Sample products people love to buy from US & UK. Shipping from US/UK to Nigeria in 5 to 8 days


Tip: Want to know your shipping cost? Use our shipping calculator here!


Ocean Shipping from US & UK

Shipping via air can cost upwards of $3.5/pound, but for Ocean it is typically less than $1/pound. As a rule of thumb, you save about 75% on Ocean shipping compared to air. For bulky items use Ocean option to save plenty money, while increasing your purchasing power.
  • Weekly ocean shipping allows you to buy items in larger quantities, products that are bulky or too expensive to ship via air from USA/UK to Nigeria. 
  • We ship 2 to 3 containers weekly from USA.
  • Delivery takes 6 to 8 weeks and your shipment will be at your doorstep.


Shipment stored in our US warehouse ready for ocean shipping from US to Nigeria


Cars parked in our US warehouse lots for shipping via ocean to Nigeria
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Want to know your shipping cost? Use our shipping calculator here!
Auto Shipping
Car bought and shipped through our shopforme service
Buy My Car – With our auto service, you can request us to help you buy any brand of cars from US car/auction dealers. US have the cheapest cars and Nigerians love to shop from US because of the high quality they get. Let us know the car type and model and we will buy, ship, clear and deliver to you.
A customer’s car loaded into container moving to sea port
Ship My Car – If you already bought a car from the USA and need it shipped to Nigeria, we can handle it for you. With our rates now as low as $790 you can enjoy the safest shipping method – container shipping. You save $300 on ever car you are shipping from USA.
Need to know your shipping cost? Call 0700 800 8000 to speak with our quote specialist.
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Why ShopToMyDoor?

Guaranteed Shipping to Ghana
100% Free Insurance Coverage
No other company offers a 100% delivery guarantee or your money back on shipping to Nigeria. Money back means cost of your items plus your shipping cost. Click here to learn more about our 100% money back guarantee and how we have successfully delivered well over 1,000,000 items to over 46,000 Nigerian shoppers.
100% refund in 24 hours 
With ShopToMyDoor you are guaranteed a stress-free delivery via Air shipping and Sea Shipping. But, if anything happens to your shipment we will compensate you in full, the cost of item as declared in your invoice and the cost paid to ship your item(s).  
Click here to read more.
20% Refund On Delay
Our weekly shipping and delivery is fast. We ship out twice every week on Wednesdays and Fridays. However, if we do not deliver as promised within the stipulated time frame you will be paid 20% of your shipping cost for any delays caused by ShopToMyDoor.
Click here to learn more.
50 to 75% Savings
Shipping from US and UK saves you up to 75% on the shipping cost of other major shippers published rate. Through our combine and save shipping method you can shop more items to lower your shipping cost and pay at once. There are no extra charges on delivery.


Responsive Customer Support
Your maximum satisfaction is our priority and so we out you first. You can enjoy our full support Monday to Friday 
  • On phone: from 9am to 5pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm (Nigeria time).
  • Chat
  • Email – Your enquiries are responded to within 12 working hours


Customs Clearing in 5 days

ShopToMyDoor is licensed by the Nigerian Customs to clear goods at the port. Using our in-house team you get a more professional service:

  • Clearing in just 5 working days.
  • Clearing charges is determined on the item or items you are shipping. That can be provided by our quote specialist on request.
  • Do you need us to clear containers, cars of goods you already shipped? Yes, we can help you.

Automated Warehouse View


Your Automated Warehouse View

As seen only with Shoptomydoor, you are able to see every single item been shipped down to the smallest pin, that ensure guaranteed delivery of every item. Only a company with the experience of having handled over 1,000,000 items can develop this.


Shipping on the go Via Our Mobile Platform
Gone are the days when you have to be calling and asking for account number to make payment. Our mobile platform allows you to do all things on the go...track shipment, pay invoices, receive alerts and lots more. 
Click here to read more 5 star reviews from our customers
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