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Why Shoptomydoor?

Shoptomydoor 100% refund in 24 hours is in line with our focus to make your shipping experience stress-free. You can now have peace of mind that we will deliver as promised, just like we have delivered over 6 million items from USA and UK. Nonetheless, if anything happens to your shipment we will take the responsibility and refund you in full your declared value on the cost of the item and your shipping cost.

Read more on the Shoptomydoor 100% refund in 24 hours and how to claim it here

Nothing beats the thrill of variety and more options while shopping online. Our Free USA warehouse address gives you the advantage to shop from over 80,000 online stores in the USA without the hassles of working out delivery with the merchant or another third party. You simply shop and we deliver. That is what consumer power is all about!

Usually, the more you buy, the more your shipping cost. But with our consolidation service, you can shop more and actually pay less (as low as 75%) on your shipping cost. You should take advantage of our free 14 days warehouse holding for your goods so you can shop over a period and have it all shipped together as one shipping cost.

You have access to shop from 80,000 USA online stores and get as low as 75% off shipping cost when you use our consolidation service. Because your satisfaction is our top priority, you can use the Fill and Ship tool to know the actual cost and the size of Box that will fit and contain your items. All you need do is log into your account, choose "Fill and Ship" option, find a box that works, pay and your goods will be delivered in as little as 6 business days.

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How it Works

Get a free USA address to start shopping top brands and quality you can trust now. Shop from over 80,000 online stores. No limitations to size and quantity.

Use your assigned US address to shop we receive and update your packages from one or more stores in 48 hours. Saving you up to 75% on delivery compared to other major shippers.

In 5 to 8 business days you get items you shopped anywhere you are stress-free. Enjoy 25% money back on cost of shipping if we delay.

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