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Why Shoptomydoor?

  • We give you free warehouse addresses in US & UK to shop from stores like Amazon, eBay, Nordstrom, ElectronicExpress, 6pm, Bluefly and lots more.
  • Our shipping calculator takes the mystery out of your shipping cost. Now, you can know your shipping cost for any item from US & UK.
  • You only pay us for the shipping of your item from US and/or UK to your door anywhere you are. No convenience fee for shopping.

  • The more items you buy from US & UK online stores the lower your shipping cost with our combine and save package.
  • Enjoy our 21 days free storage to shop original products you can trust from one or multiple online stores in US & UK. 

  • We lower your shipping cost and you save 75% compared to published rates of other major shippers on all kinds of items.
  • Car shipping as low as $790. Saving you over $300 via container shipping.
  • 100% guaranteed delivery from US & UK to your door with our free insurance, backed by Consolidated Hallmark PLC.

  • 100% guaranteed delivery of all shipment.
  • 100% refund of shipping cost and item cost if anything happens to your shipment
  • 20% refund on your shipping cost if we do not deliver within the specified time via air shipping or ocean shipping.

Read more on the Shoptomydoor 100% refund in 24 hours and how to claim it here

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How it Works

Sign up and instantly get your free US & UK warehouse addresses to shop immediately from any US & UK online store. Click here to sign up

Shop original brands and deals from top US and UK online stores, then ship to your US or UK warehouse address at checkout.

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The store will send to your assigned warehouse, we will update your item in your warehouse and notify you via SMS/Email.

You can choose air or ocean shipping and we will deliver to your door anywhere you are in just 8 days via air or 8 weeks via sea.

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