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Stress-free export from Nigeria to USA




Creating Profitable Business Opportunities for Everyone
Export is the only trade that allows you earn up to 4 times what you currently make here in Nigeria. Though the export process may seem difficult, has designed ways to help your export your goods for personal or business use in an affordable and stress-free way.
How Shoptomydoor Export Goods from Nigeria to USA
We help you ship and deliver items from anywhere in Nigeria to anywhere in USA. Items that arrive the USA can be picked up in any of our US offices or we arrange for it to be delivered to your door anywhere in the US
Product Drop Off
  • Items must be dropped off in our Lagos offices or drop-off centers by Wednesday
  • For those outside Lagos, send your items through RedStar to Lagos. Drop your items in any major RedStar office in Nigeria on Wednesday/Thursday, so items can arrive our Lagos sorting center by Monday/Tuesday to be booked for shipping to the US on Thursday.


Air Shipping Schedule

  • We ship out every Thursday from Nigeria and by the next Thursday/Friday your package will be in our US warehouse.
  • Items going beyond Houston/Atlanta will be shipped for final delivery to your recipient’s doorstep, while those who want to pick up in our facilities can do so.


Shipping from Outside Lagos to USA

  • Simply drop off your products at the nearest, major Red Star office or any of our partner locations in Nigeria. All items MUST be packaged to ensure they cannot be damaged in transit.
  • Get your documentation and packaging right. The following documents are needed for export and must be made available before the item ships to USA, to avoid return:



DOWNLOAD PACKING LIST HERE                                                                           DOWNLOAD COMMERCIAL INVOICE



Why You Should Consider Export for Business?

  • Shoptomydoor delivers to any location in USA. So, if you already have business partners, friends or family that need your products in USA, we will deliver to their doorstep..
  • You can sell on giant online stores like Amazon and get paid for the goods in Dollars, giving you higher value on the goods compared to the prices you would sell your produce locally.
  • By selling on Amazon, you can reach a far larger customer base than found on any of the other e-commerce platforms, including eBay. Even more exciting is the fact that you can potentially make more money by doing less work
  • There is no listing fee if you open a seller account on Amazon, in fact you will not be charged until an item or product has been sold out.


Why You Need Shoptomydoor for Export

  • Warehousing: You can store your goods in our US (Atlanta and Houston) warehouse for as long as you need to. 
  • Guaranteed Delivery: You can be rest assured that your goods will be safely delivered to your customers once an order is placed, anywhere in USA.
  • Low Shipping Cost: Our consolidation works to reduce your shipping cost, ship with our customers and you save up to 60% on your shipping cost.
  • Fast Shipping: Our weekly shipping allows you move items via air in just 10 to 14 days while ocean shipping takes on 10 weeks in transit to USA.
  • 19 Hours Live Support: Once you register on you will be assigned an account officer that will help you through any challenges you have. You can also reach out to our friendly customer service team on 0700 800 8000.
    Ready to start your mini export business?


Ready to start your mini export business?

Prohibited Items

These simply are items that we do not ship from Nigeria to USA because they are prohibited by law or considered illegal to ship out. There are consequences, with huge penalties to ship items not listed under exportable items in Nigeria.

For help or further inquiries call us on 0700 800 8000