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How to Make Payment on eBay

When shopping on eBay, there are easy steps on making your shopping easier and more convenient for you. For example, knowing how to maximize the search bar feature makes your shopping less stressful and also saves you time. If you need more tips on how to shop on eBay, click here and find more. 
After selecting the items you want to buy, the next stage is the payment stage. Payment process for items bought on eBay is very straightforward. 

Easy Steps on How to Make Payment on eBay

  • When you add your items to your shopping cart, there is a "proceed to checkout" button.
  • When the seller sends an invoice, there is the "pay now" button in the email.
  • When you win an auction, there is also the "pay now" button in the email. 
  • When you select the "buy it now" option, you will be taken to the checkout page. If you haven't previously signed in or registered before, you will be taken to a page that is going to request you to do one or the other. 
N.B When you win an item through a bid, you are usually expected to pay within 2 days. 

Acceptable Payment Methods

PayPal - With your PayPal account, you can easily link your eBay account to it and pay for your purchases. 
Credit or Debit Card - Give your card details and you can also pay with one. 
Coupons and Discounts on eBay - You need to be a registered eBay member and have a PayPal account. With a coupon, you can pay for all or part of your purchase. 
N.B Checks, wire transfers and money orders are prohibited except for purchases like vehicles, real estate and items that the buyer has to pick up in person. 
Here is a pictorial description below, explaining how to make payment on eBay



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