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Your Invoice Details

Our unique E-Procure system can be quite challenging if not understood, but really it's one of the most user-friendly and easy to understand systems designed to make your purchases easy to understand. Below is how to read and understand your invoice, and to check for items that have been shipped for you at any point in time. 

Once items are received, they are packed by the warehouse personnel according to how they were uploaded, and an invoice is generated. Once generated, you will get an automatic email. And you can view this invoice and make payment from your account.

STEP 1: Log into your account and click on "Payment". From here you will see all unpaid invoices, and will have the option to pay for one or all invoices at once. TO pay for just one, click on "Pay" and then go to the next step. Note that shipments are to be paid for before they can be shipped out.


shipping to accra, shipping to ghana



After you must have clicked on Payment, proceed to click on pay as shown below.


invoice 1



STEP 2: From here, you will have a better idea of what you are paying for, and this page reveals virtually all information of items in your shipment. 

  1. Shows you details of what you are paying for. In this example, the customer is paying to have this package home delivered to him.  Deliveries are based automatically on the shipping address you have in your address book. If this is not where you intend for this shipment to be delivered, modify or add a shipping address to your "Address Book", to have subsequent shipments delivered to this new locations. Also note that only a business account can have shipments sent to multiple addresses at any time.
  2. Next, you are able to see the dimensions and  weights of every item in your package. Note that where dimensions and weights read zero, then the item is part of a bigger package. In this case, usually the last item will show the details of the whole package. So in this example, the customer has 3 items in one package. Hence he has one box with three items, with dimensions of 24 x 24 x 12 inches, weighing 20 pounds, but with a chargeable weight of 49.73 pounds. 
  3. Shows where the item is been shipped to. Note that once a package has shipped off, based on your shipping address in your address book, there is a $9.99 charge to reroute it to a different address.
  4. You are able to select the shipping option of your choice.
  5. Click on "Checkout" and move to the next step.



invoice 2invoice 3



STEP 3: Select your payment method, and follow any other subsequent instructions.



Shipping to Nigeria



STEP 4: Once payment is made or submitted, your is invoice generated and you will be able to view every single item on the particular invoice. Always pay special attention to the "Note" beside each package as it may show more information on a particular item.



invoice 4