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Why American Airsea Cargo for Procurement

  • Save precious time and money. There is no need for visa processing, traveling, and lost time in negotiations. Simply contact us, and we do the rest.
  • No need for time wasting bidding process. We have the expertise to negotiate direct with the companies and hence ensure quicker and easier delivery process.
  • We provide the shipping with standard delivery in as little as 6 to 10 business days from the day the products are shipped , and at cost of up to 75% off what major air shippers charge. Need us to move it by sea, 30 days and it is  in Lagos.
  • We handle all related shipping documentation to prevent delays and problems with customs, as well as handling the customs clearing process. From form M to all other documentation, we got you covered.
  • We offer the lowest processing cost you can ever think of.



Car procure


American AirSea Cargo has been and current is the best in auto procurement. Thousands of Nigerian and most west Africa citizens has saved thousand of dollars and enjoyed stress free acquisition of various kinds of automobiles ranging from power bikes to Large SUV cars. Learn more


Trucks and Heavy Equipment


American AirSea Cargo also provides excellent procurement service for acquiring trucks and heavy equipment. Whether it is new or used, we are always there to help you buy, ship, clear and deliver to you preferred location. Ours services also affords you opportunity to buy your own customized vehicles like armoured cars and specialized vehicles. Learn more


Other Items

Items We Procure
  • Any item using our E-Procure/Personal Shopper service.
  • Car - See our auto section for more details.
  • Trucks and heavy duty items.
  • Armored and Specialized vehicles
  • Oil field Equipment
  • Engineering Equipment and
  • Any other item needed from US, UK and China.