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A Guide to Using Your Free Warehouse Address When Shopping From US & UK Online Stores

This page is dedicated to show you how to use your free warehouse address when shopping from online stores in the US & UK.

Using your free warehouse address is quite easy

1. Log into your Warehouse/ShopToMyDoor account to view your US/UK free warehouse address

Your default free warehouse address is located in the US (for shopping on online stores in the USA); you can use the dropdown to view your UK free warehouse address as illustrated by the image above.

2. Go to the online store you wish to shop from e.g. Amazon, sign up if you do not have an account with them yet, so you can start shopping.

3. When signing up on US & UK online stores, enter in the free warehouse address assigned to you by ShopToMyDoor , as shown in the image below


Steps on How to Use ShopToMyDoor

  • Register on www.shoptomydoor to get a free US/UK warehouse address. 
  • Shop from multiple online stores in the US/UK using your free warehouse address we assigned to you as your delivery address.
  • Make payment on or before Tuesday 3pm or Thursday 3pm, for your items to be shipped out on Wednesday or Friday depending on your choice and we deliver to your doorstep wherever you are in Nigeria.  


Our Brand Promise 

  • We guaranty you 100% refund on the declared value of your items, as well as your shipping cost if anything happens to your items. 
  • We refund you 20% of your shipping cost if we fail to deliver your items within our stipulated 5 - 8 days period.
  • We guarantee you savings of 50 - 75% of delivery cost compared to online published rates of 3 major shippers or we refund you the difference.

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