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Using Your Assigned Address


Here you will learn how to use your assigned address.

Log into you account and click on My Warehouse. 

Below is a typical warehouse


Using your warehouse is quite easy.

  1. Go to the site of your choice (e.g amazon.com as shown below), Sign up in order to make your purchase.
  2. When prompted for your shipping address, enter it as shown below.
  3. The store will deliver the items to your warehouse address, and once received your warehouse will be updated, and on your request items will be packaged to be shipped to your door step.



2. Begin registration by filling in you details as below 

3. Use the search box to search for the item of your choice. (In the this case Samsung Galaxy 4 is the choice item)


4. Choose the type you preferred. and Click on Add to cart 




5. Item is now in you , Click  Proceed to checkout



6.  Fill your address as shown below so that your items will get to us and will deliver to you.


7. Select your preferred Shipping address and click on Continue



8. Select your Payment method and click on continue to proceed 


9.   Here you will chose the currency you want your card to be debited in.


10. Click on "Use this address"



11.  Click on place your order