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New US Warehouse

Starting November 29th, 2014 we will be moving to a new warehouse in the US. The address will be


12011 Westbrae Parkway, Houston.

Texas - 77031, USA

Please note the following:

  1. Any purchase destined to arrive your warehouse after the 1st of December should be sent to the new warehouse.
  2. All Black Friday shopping should be sent to your new warehouse address.
  3. Your unit number remains the same and the new warehouse address has been automatically updated for you on the 26th of November, 2014.
  4. If any order has already been placed with any merchant that will be delivered after the 28th, consult the merchant to redirect it to the new address.
  5. We will continue to receive shipments at the old warehouse till November 29th.

Why the move:

We have realized an important need to provide faster Ocean service to all customers, and a new warehouse provides us the means to accept ocean shipments of any size, and hence have items moved via Ocean on a weekly basis as demanded by customers starting January 2015. The bigger space will also allow us to provide far better service in terms of inventory and monitoring of items coming to your unit. Whatever industry/sector you operate in, Shoptomydoor.com provides sufficient warehousing and effective distribution operations to ensure that your customers all over can enjoy quality service which will also benefit your own valued customers/clients.

Have any question please call us on +1 888 315 9027 or +234 700 800 8000 or email: [email protected]