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Uploading Your Invoice

As a requirement, the US Customs and Border Patrol will not allow items to be exported out of the United States without valid receipts to show that the items were purchased legitimately. While most stores will include receipts in the packages, some will not, and some will only include a packing list that does not show the cost of the items. All invoices presented to US Customs must show the cost and full description of items been shipped out. Please follow the steps below to easily upload your invoices in the "Tell US What You Ordered" section.

STEP 1: Once you log in, click on My Account as shown below.





STEP 2: Log into your account, click on My Documents to upload the invoice obtained after placing your order.






Immediately you clicked on My Documents, it takes you to where you will select the appropriate document for upload. see the image below.






STEP 3: Figure 1 shows an invoice to be uploaded. Such invoice is easily obtained during the process of placing your order with the various stores.



Figure 1



STEP 4 (OPTIONAL): Follow the following optional steps shown in figure 2 below to view the file menu on your internet explorer if it is not showing. Right click on any part of the blue section below, and the dialog below will pop up. Click on the menu bar, and the menu bar will appear on your internet explorer.



Figure 2


STEP 5: Click on File, Save As (as shown in figure 3 below) and go to step 4 below.



Figure 3



STEP 6: Save the page as a web page. Be sure to select the option of a complete html file as show in the figure below. Save it to a location on your computer. You will now have a valid file to upload in the upload section of "Tell Us What You Ordered".



Figure 4