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UK Address Use

Below is a sample of how to enter your UK Warehouse address on the online store, in order to have your items delivered to our UK office.
We assume shopping on www.amazon.co.uk.
After you have chosen the item you want to purchase, click on check out.
You will be linked to Select a delivery address page, if you have entered your delivery address correctly, do not bother, but if not, Click on Edit and follow the sample in the image below. In case you do not have UK shipping address amongst the existing delivery address on your online store just click on add Address and input your assigned UK warehouse address following the sample in the image below.



e-procure_shipping_carshipping_to_NigeriAE-procure_shoponline_we_ship_to your_door

NOTE: In case the store you are shopping on do not accept Liverpool in the County column please use Merseyside