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Shoptomydoor Customer Testimonials




Shoptomydoor actually started my business with me in 2011, and since then I have not had any reason to look elsewhere. They take advantage of ICT which makes it easier to reach them on phone, emails and you don’t have to call them all the time to track your items, as this can be done with the tracking system. Their staffs are very interesting & lively, they always answer me as quickly as possible, and I think their costing is competitive. When it comes to security of your goods I have not had issues of my goods being damaged, or getting misplaced.  Their procurement service is good as well, very easy and user friendly, everything you need to do is online, like you make your payments online, they help in bringing your whole shopping experience to your laptop or mobile device & also to your doorstep. I would definitely recommend Shoptomydoor to anybody.




I have been a customer to Shoptomydoor for a number of years . one thing that stands them out is that they are actually customer focused. They have a very responsive customer service and they have a local team here in Lagos and when the Lagos team close for the day the team in America takes over. 
Another thing that stands them out , that made me stick with them for a number of years is the fact that they give freebies; I love freebies. They also have this free shipping promo that they run and it has become more frequent lately, where you ship irrespective of the amount of things you have to ship and you ship them for around $20 which is very very good. They have a very good tracking system, you can track your shipment and know exactly where it is, you get sms alert.  
I can assure you that when it comes to rest of mind they are if not number one, one of the top 3. 




I have always preferred shopping abroad from Amazon, because of their low cost and better quality, but the cost of shipping was too high until I came across Shoptomydoor. Shipping with Shoptomydoor is breeze; they make things so much easier. I have tried other shipper’s and I still stick to Shoptomydoor, the difference between Shoptomydoor and other shippers is much, I have never lot any items since I have been shipping through them and that’s very impressive.






Shoptomydoor is a platform  that you can use to buy  any item abroad. The barrier we had in buying from abroad (online and outside Nigeria) to Nigeria has been broken by shoptomydoor. We don’t have any issues with missing or damaged items.

It is very easy to get a USA address with Shoptomyddor. Some Nigerians may think it is difficult, wondering “won’t I waste my time getting a USA address”, “ is it possible” , “What if I send my goods and I don’t send it”. As long as you are using Shoptomydoor , you don’t have to worry . 
You can use your mobile phone, whether android or ios, or any phone that can browse. 
Anywhere I am, I get updates on where and when my goods are coming.
I advice Nigerians to use shoptomydoor because it is a good platform.