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Most of us are quite familiar with online shopping especially from top online stores like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Best Buy etc. Apart from the issue on how to get items you wish to buy from US & UK online stores delivered to you here in Nigeria, which our platform ShopToMyDoor provides a stress free solution to, another major difficulty online shoppers experience while shopping from online stores in the US & UK, especially from less popular sites has to do with payment issues
Our “Shop For Me” service provides a stress-free solution to these issues:
  • Card payment issues
  • Lack of time to shop from online stores due to your busy schedule
  • Procurement issues, especially when you don’t know where to source from
Using our “Shop For Me” service is like getting yourself a personal shopper to handle all your online shopping, giving you a stress free shopping experience.
Sign up on the link below to create an account with us.
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Steps on Using Our “Shop For Me” Service


1. Create an account with us. If you don’t have one yet, click on the link to create an account: Click Here.

2. Log into your warehouse (account), and click on “Shop For Me” 

3. Click on "Order Form" and start by selecting your country of purchase (US or UK), then fill in all the details of your order i.e. Website link (the link to the item you wish to buy on any particular US or UK online store), Item name (name of the item you wish to buy), Description, Value per item (cost of the item you wish to buy), Domestic shipping (cost of domestic shipping/sales tax the item charged by the online store you wish to purchase the item from). If you want us to shop for just more than one item for you, click on the “Add more rows” button.



4. You can always come back later to add other items you want us to shop for you, by using the “Add more rows” button.
5. If your order is an urgent one and you want us to place the order as soon as possible, click on urgent purchase, select yes and you will be charged $10 only.
6. Once satisfied with what you want us to shop for you, click on the “Submit and pay now” button to make payment.
Note: We charge a small fee to perform this service on your behalf, and you will see the details as you fill the order form.
7. We will review your order and if everything is correct, we will buy them and have it delivered to your warehouse.
Our “Shop For Me” service is quite simple to use following the steps described above, in summary this is how our “Shop For Me” service works:
  • Log in to your warehouse and click on ‘Shop For Me’.
  • Use one of the available options to tell us what you want to order.
  • Pay us using your Visa, MasterCard or PayPal account.
  • We buy ship and deliver to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria stress-free.


Why use ShopToMyDoor?

  • We offer you free life-time addresses to shop immediately from any online store across USA & UK.
  • We give you an automated warehouse view. Items are received by your warehouse personnel and updated within 24 - 48 business hours into your assigned warehouse.
  • We offer you 14 days free storage in our warehouse – So you can buy more items from one or multiple online stores and ship out as a single package when you are ready.
  • Discounted Shipping Cost – Save up to 50% - 75% on your shipping cost compared to other major shippers. 
  • 24/7 Tracking – You will be amazed at how easy it is to use our platform to track all items. What's more, we keep you updated at every stage of your cargo movement with regular email & sms alerts, all backed with 16 hours of live customer support. 
  • Responsive customer service – We are available on Phone, Email and Chat. 







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