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ShopForMe Service FAQs

QUESTION: I have an item to purchase from an online store, but my card is being declined, what should I do?

ANSWER: We will place your order on your behalf using our “Shop For me (Procurement Services). Kindly click on the “Shop For me” tab as you log in to your account to give us the details of what you want, make payment and we will take it up from there.

QUESTION: I submitted a Shop For me order, how long does it take for my order to be placed?

ANSWER: Your order will be placed within 24 to 48 business hours after it has been received. For “Urgent purchase” orders, it takes about 24 business hours. Generally most orders are placed within a shorter time frame.

QUESTION: I just received an email from your company requesting I should pay a tax for an order I submitted. Why should I pay tax?

ANSWER: The tax is actually charged by the store. This is also specified in the order break down that will be forwarded to you.

QUESTION: How much  is your processing fee if I want to use your Shop For Me services?

ANSWER: Our processing fee is as low as 6%, however, this depends on the monetary value of the items you want to buy.

QUESTION: Does my payment for Shop For Me covers the shipping cost to Nigeria or my location?

ANSWER: Your payment for Shop For Me order does not cover the shipping cost to Nigeria or any other location. The shipping cost which is based on the higher of either the weight or dimension of the package is determined when the item gets to the warehouse. However, if you know the weight of the item, you can get the estimated shipping quote on the “Get A Quote” tab on our site;

QUESTION: What do you mean by “Domestic” shipping cost?

ANSWER: Domestic shipping as the name implies is the local delivery cost from the merchant to your warehouse. However, a good number of items are delivered free of charge.  This is basically determined by the store of purchase.

QUESTION: I sent my shopping cart log in details to your company, I have equally made payment for the items after receiving the invoice from your company. I have received update that my order has been placed, however, I can still see the items in my shopping bag. Please may I know what is happening?

ANSWERWe place order for the items in your shopping card using our platform and not yours, so the items will still be showing in your cart until you or the merchant removes them.

QUESTION: When would my items be delivered from the store after the order has been placed?

ANSWER: Items are normally delivered within 3 to 7 business days depending on the merchant. However, you can still choose your delivery time frame as you submit your order. You should know that shorter delivery time frames incur additional cost as seen in most online stores.

QUESTION: Is the Credit card fraud check process going to be done on every transaction I pay for with my card?

ANSWER: The credit card verification is carried out the first time you use the card on our platform. This is basically a process of making sure that your transaction is secured and from authorized source.

QUESTION Do You offer car inspection services?

ANSWER: Yes, we offer inspection services of your cars before purchase. We have professional Vehicle inspection personnel. A comprehensive result of the inspection will be forwarded to you. This will enable you take decision on a particular car.

QUESTION: Can I replace my item or get a refund should an Auction be lost?

ANSWER: If an auction is lost, you can transfer the cost to another item or transaction. However, if you insist on refund, this will be less the processing fee. We advise you place a reasonable “Maximum Realistic Bid Price” as the lot goes to the highest bidder. Even if where the item is won at a lower cost, the remaining amount will be transferred to your shipping cost or subsequent transaction.

QUESTION: I already have a quote and invoice from my merchant, however, I cannot make payment from Nigeria, how can your company assist?

ANSWER: We will get the item on your behalf using our “Personal shopper Services” kindly email the performer invoice already given to you by your merchant to We will take it up from there.