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Shipping from Houston to Nigeria

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shipping from houston to nigeria


Since 2009, Shoptomydoor has used the most innovated method to deliver goods from Amazon, Ebay and lots of top US stores to shoppers who are resident in Nigeria.

With over 44,000 registered customers we can now ship at the lowest rate to Nigeria and are offering this low rate to Nigerians and companies in Houston wanting to send goods and items down home to any where in Nigeria.

Trusted and in agreement with brands such as First Bank, UBA, Access Bank, Enterprise Bank, FCMB, KeyStone, Standard Chartered, Unity Bank, Zenith Bank, Visa, MasterCard, (click on each name to see how we serve their card holders by delivering items they have purchased from US stores to them in Nigeria), we provide:


save money Lowest possible cost from Houston to any part of Nigeria with our special $3.29 rate to our Lagos office.

pick up centers in Nigeria
Ten pick up centers in Nigeria allows for fast, efficient and secured delivery with easy pick up in Nigeria's major cities.
2 Locations in Port Harcourt
2 Locations in Benin
delivery anywhere in nigeria Delivery to any where else in Nigeria using the reliable service of Red Star Express (Fedex in Nigeria) at just $3.99/pound delivered. 
clearing agent In house clearing as our partner company in Nigeria is a licensed clearing agent.
Fast drop off-save time Fast drop off in our houston facility - Guaranteed to take 5 minutes or less using our unique warehouse address system
100% free insurance 100% free insurance ensures you are 100% compensated (both cost of goods and shipping cost) should anything happen in transit.

How do we do it

  1. Our platform is designed to assign you a unique warehouse address in our 23,000 sq foot warehouse in Houston. 
  2. Come in anytime from 9am to 5pm (Mondays to Thursdays) or 9am to 7pm on Fridays to drop off your package.
  3. Simply tell us your unit number when you drop off your package, and we will do the rest and have your items updated to your account in no time. You can drop off and complete your shipping in just 1 minute.
  4. Once updated, you will get an email alert. Login to your account at home or on your phone, and with the click of a button pay for your shipping and that's it. Your shipment is off to Nigeria in a jiffy.
  5. No need calling to know the status of your package. Our system will constatly update you with email alerts as your package travels home to your loved ones.
  6. You can also use your assigned address to shop on stores all over the US and have it delivered to your unit. Once received, we know whose it is and will deliver it right to Nigeria without you bothering to come to our office to drop it off - Talk about saving you precious time.

Ready to give it a try. Click on Sign Up below to get started. It takes just 30 seconds.

We are more than just air freight and also offer weekly container loading to Nigeria with deliveries in 4/5 weeks always. Once signed up, you will see our different sail dates so you know when to come drop off your package. 


Need more information?

Chat live now with a customer service agent.

Call our US office at +1 888 315 9027 (9am to 9pm Houston time)

Call our Nigerian numbers - 0700 800 8000 (8am to 8pm Nigerian time)

Email us on [email protected]