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Shipping Documentation

Do you know if you need an export license or an SED (Shippers Export Declaration). Leave that to us to prepare the right documentation to prevent delays or costly mistakes. We are approved by the various US Govt agencies to file for export license and various shipping documentation on your behalf. An export invoice is normally not the only document required to export items from the US, and will vary depending on the cargo and its cost. We review all cargo and provide free help in obtaining all required documentation to ensure there are no delays and costly mistakes in the export process. Feel free to contact us for any help you may need.

Need peace of min d with insurance. We can have that taken care of too. We always recommend that shippers get insurance to cover their shipments. We provide various levels of insurance coverage to protect shippers from loss, damage or even delays in transit. We can arrange for various levels of insurance to cover your cargo as it  moves from one point to another. Feel free to contact us if you want to add insurance coverage to your shipment. Our insurance coverage for Nigeria is mandatory for certain shipment values and types. Contact us for more details.

US Export Procedure

American AirSea Cargo will provide all our customers with information needed for them to abide by all US export regulations. One of these regulations is the declaration of exports, by means of the Shipper's Export Declaration (SED). SED filing is generally required by the U.S. Census Bureau for U.S. exports that contain a single commodity's value exceeding US$2,500.00. All SED information is provided to the U.S. Census Bureau and is used for export compliance and governmental reporting, and for compilation of foreign trade data. For items valued at less than $2,500, all that is needed is just the sales receipt or invoice, and no filling is required.

American AirSea Cargo can handle the export filling on behalf of our customers, and  by law it is required for the customers to provide some basic information.
1) The EIN (Employee Identification Number) Number of the company, basically the US source of the goods. The EIN number is sometime referred to as Tax ID.
2) Value of Goods been exported - By means of an invoice/sales receipt
3) Nature of goods.
4) Ultimate/intermediate consignee

We will accept shipments from individuals or companies who provide these information when presenting shipments for export either directly or indirectly to their customers outside the US, but we will always help you with all the information needed to obtain what ever is needed. Please note that even if your are an individual making a purchase (valued at more than $2,500 for a single item through one company) right from your country, and needing these items shipped to you, you or the company will have to provide the E.I.N (or Tax ID) to us in order for the items to be shipped out. Without these, your shipment will be dropped. If after another 3 days these information is not provided, you will be charged for demmurage/storage if your shipment still remains in our warehouse.

We advise individuals regularly doing business with us in the US to obtain an E.I.N. number by calling the IRS at 1-800-429-4933 or go to
Also note that US residents can easily register a business name in their local county office within 24 hours, and then obtain an E.I.N by calling the IRS on the number above. All these can be completed in 24 hours. For customers who buy items in small quantities from various supplies (especially mobile phones, as we see this on a daily basis) we recommend registering your business name, obtaining an E.I.N and shipping the consolidated shipment on your E.I.N. For those outside the US, please talk to your distributors on the need to always provide us their E.I.N. number in order to prevent delays or complete denial of your shipment.

Please contact us at if you need more information.