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Shipping Calculation - Calculate your Shipping Cost

How to Calculate your Shipping Cost Accurately

Use our Quote Tool to know your shipping cost even before you buy. Simply enter dimensions and weight and you are done. The dimensions and weight of what you intend to buy are normally listed on the site of purchase. If you are not sure of the dimensions and size, the tool also provides the cost for most commonly shipped items.

How is Shipping Cost Calculated

Like all shipping companies, our shipping cost is calculated by looking at the weight and dimensions of your package. 

  1. The gross weight (weight of items plus packaging) of the package is determined by weighing on a scale.
  2. Package dimensions (Length, Width and Height) are then determined by measurement.
  3. We determine the dimensional/volume weight. The dimensional weight takes into account the dimensions of the package, and for all cargo, IATA has developed guidelines/formula to be used to determine the dimensional weight. 

 Dimensional/Volume Weight = (L x W x H) / 139


The chargeable weight is the higher of either the gross weight (obtained in step 1) or the dimensional weight (obtained in step 3), and you will be billed based on the chargeable weight. Please note that our quote tool is already designed to take into account these calculations and will give you the correct shipping cost by considering the gross weight and the dimensional weight.

For further tips on how to reduce your shipping cost, please see Lowering My Shipping Cost.

Any Other Charges Apart From The Shipping Cost

No. The cost for shipping is exactly what you get here at (Whats My Shipping Cost).


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