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Seminar - Oct 20th - Lagos, Nigeria.

Join us on the 20th of October, in the great city of Lagos, Nigeria for an amazing seminar from the Operations Manager of American AirSea Cargo. With numerous requests on our popular E-Procure service, auto procurement, shipping services and other services been demanded by Nigerians, American AirSea Cargo decided to host this seminar to educate Nigerians, Contractors, Business, Companies and various organizations on the ways to save thousands on the purchases and shipping of most popular items from USA from companies you never knew existed. You will be amazed at the prize savings you will experience in your personal and business purchases from items such as household items, office supplies, cars and even heavy machinery. Come and learn from one who has spent years running a viable shipping company that handles shipping, procurement and international exports for thousands of customers from US to all over the world. Don't miss this.



TOPIC: E-Procure, Visa/Master Card & US/Nigeria E-Commerce

TIME: 9am - 1 pm


  • E-commerce Overview, Fraud and the Nigerian Factor
    • A review of why many US companies refuse purchases from Nigerians.
    • How to avoid this.
  • The Power of Your Visa/Master Card
    • A review of how a Visa/Master Card can open up opportunities you never dreamed of.
    • Understanding the process of E-Commerce and the ways to shop from the US, direct from Nigeria.
  • E-Procure Solution
    • Why this is the proven solution for Nigeria.
    • How to procure using the E-Procure system for all items from the US.
    • A review of some US friendly sites for various items - Electronics, Clothes/Fashion, Computers, etc.
  • Success Stories
    • A look at some of our success stories from Nigerians.
    • A look at how many of our Nigerian customers successfully use this method on a daily basis.
    • Real success stories of Nigerians, Nigerian Companies, who have built a successful business using our E-Procure.
    • A review of how customers are saving thousands on everyday items, and how much some actual customers are saving. You will be amazed at the prize saving for individuals, contractors and companies.
    • Discount and free sign up's for attendees.

Who Should Attend Session 1

  • Companies looking for more efficient, faster and cost effective ways to procure items/spare parts and products from the USA.
  • Companies looking at cutting down or eliminating the need to go through contractors, issuing of PO, and other time wasting methods of procuring items from the USA, and wishing to train one of their staff to do this fast, efficient, and in a most cost effective way.
  • Contractors that constantly need products from the US, and are looking for faster ways of procuring and shipping.
  • Businesses that buy products from the USA to resell to Nigerians.
  • Individuals looking at going into business of buying items from the USA to resell in Nigeria.
  • Individuals who want to save on everyday items from baby clothes, to personal electronics, to home furnishing.
  • Anyone with a Visa/Master Card looking at ways to use it.
  • Banks that issue Visa/master Cards, wanting to see ways to enhance their customers usage of these cards.



TOPIC: Cars and Car Parts -  Buying, Shipping and Delivery.

TIME: 1:30 pm - 4pm


  • Buying of Used Cars (Ready to Drive) From the US
    • Learn where and how to get the best prices on used cars.
    • How to identify genuine dealers, and know those to trust, before making payments.
  • Buying of Salvage / Accident Cars From the US
    • Learn how to buy cars that have minor damage that can be purchased, repaired and sold for fast profit.
    • Learn how to ensure you dont buy one that will be more than problems later on, costing you way more to fix and resell.
  • Buying of Cars For Dismantling / Parts Resale
    • Learn how to buy cars for their parts.
    • See how American AirSea Cargo can help with the dismantling, shipping and delivery to you.
  • Buying of car parts

 Who Should Attend Session 2

  • Used car dealers.
  • Used Spare parts dealers.
  • Mechanic and Car repair shops that need deliveries in as little as 4 days to Nigeria.
  • Anyone looking to start business of buying and selling used cars or spare parts.



TOPIC: Partnership With American AirSea Cargo

TIME: 4 pm - 6 pm


  • Partnering and Representing American AirSea Cargo in your area
  • Financial benefits of partnering with American AirSea Cargo
  • Process of working with our automated system.
  • Requirements of been a partner
  • Sales and how we pay your sales representatives, giving you the option to hire unlimited marketers at no cost to you.

Who Should Attend Session 3

  • Any company that wants to partner with American AirSea Cargo to represent them fully in locations all over Nigeria.
  • NOTE: Locations of interest for now are all state capitals of Nigeria.




Blue ... Hotel


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Accommodation For Outside Participants

Participants coming in from outside Lagos needing accommodation can use any contel around the venue.