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Sales Compensation Plan

The American AirSea Cargo Sales Compensation Plan is one of the most generous plan in the sales and marketing industry. First, we start you with a generous salary that increases as you become a supervisor, usually in a few months, and then combine the salary with very lucrative commission structure. Our aim is to support and build you up with a simple, yet powerful means to rapidly change your life. The key to been a success is simply to promote our services to companies and individuals who use our services on a reoccurring basis. Once you have built up a lead of customers, you are guaranteed of continuous income from these various sources. Each aspect of our compensation plan encourages and enhances your performance in other segments, hence opening more opportunities to you. In other words, you can easily cash in on a domino domino effect that benefits you, your growing team and American AirSea Cargo.

As an American AirSea Cargo Sales Representative, you can benefit from seven income sources:


  1. E-Procure: One of the fastest way to grow your income immediately. We pay as much as $40 for each customer referred. The table shows the various amounts paid for each type of service referral.

  1. Procurement: A generous 2% is paid on all procurement orders. This is 2 times the amount paid by most companies on procurement service.
  2. Shipping: The foundation of our business, and one of the biggest and best options to grow your income on a reoccurring basis. Hence as you build up your customer base, you get paid every single time they move shipments with us. Income under our shipping services includes income from both air freight and ocean freight.
    • Air Shipment: Get paid $0.13/kg for all air shipments.
    •  Ocean Shipment: We pay a fixed 2% on the value of all Ocean Shipments.
  3. Auto Shipping: Another huge area, and we are making it extra lucrative for our Sales Representative with a commission of $30 for each vehicle shipping. For shipments of heavy duty vehicles (trucks, caterpillar and other heavy duty equipments), a standard  2% is paid to the Sales Representative.
  4. Supevisor Earning Potential: We support you with massive training to boost your sales potential, and in less than 3 months, we have seen new recruits move into slaes supervisory positions. As a supervisor you enjoy from an increased transport and phone call allowance, as well as compensation based on the performance of your team. You earn 10% of the total commission earned by all your sales subordinates.
  5. Transport and Phone Allowance: You are provided with compny vehicle on most assignments, but we also realize that there are times you will need to make your own personal follow ups. That's why we also provide you with transport and phone allowance as well.

If you already know of our point system, and want to join our team -  JOIN NOW. Please let us know your country and preferred location, and why you thing you will be suitable as a sales representative for American AirSea Cargo. NOTE: Your email subject must be "New Sales Representative" for it to be directed to the correct personnel.