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Global Opportunity At Your Finger Tips

Ecommerce is experiencing great expansion globally, and in some countries in Africa, at rates of  up to 45% per annum. Shoptomydoor is focusing on bringing these opportunities to US retailers by allowing US retailers to tap into the very lucrative African market at a zero cost of entry. With Shoptomydoor retail solution, US retailers benefit from:
  1. Increased operating profit by reducing your dependence on the local and very cost conscious US consumers.
  2. Reduced marketing expense with the ability to reach over 10 million actual potential customers with $0 in marketing cost.
  3. Reduction in excess summer/winter inventory by pushing these to the African market, and hence a reduction in storage and out of style inventory.

Shoptomydoor solution goes further and allows retailers to:

  1. Benefit from increased sales through the absolute lowest possible shipping cost to select countries.
  2. Get international presence with zero cost through local country marketing to over 10 million potential customers.
  3. Focus on their core business and allow Shoptomydoor to handles international issues of taxes, duties and shipping.
  4. Forget about cross border fraud issues with our 100% fraud free guarantee.
  5. Benefit from favorable business regulations and tax incentives – International business without closing US facilities
  6. Increase sales by never missing a potential order - Shoptomydoor handles and processes certain declined transaction on customers behalf
  7. Experience a zero financial risk with no need for setting up international infrastructure
Our solution is designed to provide retailers an easy and fast implementation with the following key features:
  1. First, we select countries where your products are highly needed and where the customers have a huge propensity to spend.
  2. High shipping cost is the main issue affecting international shopping - Our solution provides the absolute minimum door to door cost to select destinations.
  3. Customer experience still remains the same - All transactions done and processed on your retail website.
  4. Easy and quick set up, with no software installation or need to greatly modify your servers. Only a simple link placed on the correct section of your web site.
  5. Implementation can be completed in a day and is multi platform compatible. 
$0 Marketing
We realize that for most companies, marketing can be a big component of their expenses, and we take care of that with their decision to work with Shoptomydoor. This is achieved by:
  1. Shoptomydoor has partnered with key shopping players such as visa and the major banks in our target countries.
  2. On agreeing to work with us, we push your brand to our partners to freely distribute to their over 10 million customers.
  3. Promotion of your offers and shopping is done best during local events in your target country - Shoptomydoor keys into these events and drives shopping on your platform at times you never expect.
100% Fraud Free Guarantee
Our knowledge and presence on the ground in these countries has proved as a serious fraud deterrent with us seeing less than 1 fraud case in over 10,000 shipments. Our 100% fraud guarantee providers signed up retailers with
  1. 100% refund if any fraud occurs through the Shoptomydoor platform.
  2. Increase in sales by never declining an order - Shoptomydoor takes care of orders you decline and works to process most of them.

Take Control

Our solution lets you decide on how to bill your customers for international shipping with these two proven solutions:
        Direct Payment
  1. Customer shops as normal on your platform and pays for full shipping cost to their final destination.
  2. Shipment is routed to Shoptomydoor’s US warehouse for final dispatch to customer's international destination.
  3. International shipping cost is remitted to Shoptomydoor at agreed upon intervals.
        Indirect Payment
  1. Customer shops as normal on your retail site and on selecting preferred countries, is opted to sign up for a Shoptomydoor account via a pop up link, or via other means.
  2. Customer sign up for a shoptomydoor account and is issued a local US address.
  3. Only local shipping cost is paid, and shipment is routed exclusively to the customers Shoptomydoor’s US address.
  4.  Shoptomydoor bills customer for international shipment and delivers shipment to customers door step.
Our preferred solution with consolidation advantages is the indirect payment, as this allows customers to group shipment from multiple sources and enjoy one single payment. This has proven to increase shopping by customers as their overall cost/kg of shipment reduces with this option.


Our solution is absolutely free to retailers and will not cost you anything to use our retail solution.

Why Shoptomydoor for your global expansion

Our solution is preferred because of its:
  1. Robust and easy to use interface allows all levels of customers to easily use if for their shipping needs.
  2. Consolidation option reduces the overall shipping cost to the customer and drives more cross border shopping
  3. Tracking and shipment email alerts from shoptomydoor's platform ensure customer is regularly updated with shipment status
  4. Multiple shipping options ensures that customers have a choice automatically between air and Ocean shipping, hence allowing for savings of up to 80% for non critical shipments.
  5. Insurance coverage on all shipments ensures customer is always fully compensated by Shoptomydoor in cases of damages or loss in transit
  6. Our personal shopper service handles all declined orders and takes the risk on most to increase your sales
  7. Local presence puts us in front of over 30 million potential customers making us the preferred name for all cross border shopping
Shoptomydoor Sales Team at 2014 Card/ATM Show at Eko hotel, Lagos, Nigeria.
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