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Lowering My Cost

With air freight that is requested by most customers, we are all now aware that calculation of shipping cost takes the dimensions of your package as well as the gross weight into account. While in most instances the gross weight can not be reduced, it may be possible to reduce the dimensions. Our repackaging service that is free with all E-Procure accounts already takes this into account, and will by default reduced and combine multiple shipments into one box. Over 90% of our shipments have your warehouse personnel reducing the original size of boxes, and this is part of the services you enjoy with your E-Procure account. All the same, here are a few tips to help you make the maximum use of your E-Procure account at the lowest possible cost.

1) Do You Really Need That Box?

shipping to nigeria, air freight to nigeria, ocean freight to nigeriaA lot can be saved in shipping cost if items such as shoe boxes are discarded and not shipped with the shoes, due to the space they occupy, leading to an increase in dimensional weight. By default, all shoes are shipped in their boxes as some customers, especially those reselling get more value if its in the original packaging. Shoes in it boxes can add an average of 1 to 2 pounds per box to your shipping cost. In requesting for shoes to be removed from the box, please use the "Shipment settings",  request for shoes to be removed from their box before shipping. If this is not specifically requested, they will be shipped in their original box. See example below. Unfortunately, not all items will be removed form their boxes, as most boxes offer protection to the contents, especially for electronic equipment.





















2) Check the Package Dimensions Before Ordering.

Most sites will list the product dimensions of the item you are interested in. However, not all stores list the dimensions of the package that such items are shipped in. For example the Sony BRAVIA KDL60NX720 60-inch 1080p 3D LED HDTV has listed dimension of 56.8 x 2.6 x 35 inches and weighs about 57 pounds. This is the product dimension, i.e. the TV itself. In the pacakaging box, the dimensions are 60 x 8 x 37 inches, and weighs 87 pounds. Hence there is a difference between the shipping dimensions and the product dimensions, though not much in most cases, it can be large in some. In some instances, you will see items with smaller shipping dimensions but bigger product dimensions, if they are items that are shipped dismantled, and needing assembly before use. 90% or more of the time, the difference between product and shipping dimensions is small, and our free repackaging service always does all that is possible to reduce the shipping dimensions. Hence you can verify from the store the shipping dimensions in order to have a good idea of the actual shipping cost. 

3) Do you need it that fast? - Send by Sea.

Ocean shipping to Nigeria, ship to nigeria, shipping to nigeriaOur Ocean service will save you over 80% or more compared to air freight, so if the cost of air is on the high side, we can use our Ocean Service to deliver it at a way cheaper cost. Simply use our quote tool to get the shipping cost suing either air freight or Ocean freight, and if its not that urgent, let us ship it by sea. Typical transit time for Ocean from USA is 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the actual shipping line, with an extra 1 week for customs clearance. 



4) If in doubt, Request Re-verification.


If in doubt as to the weight and dimensions used to bill you, you can request for us to re-measure and re-weigh your packages. Another staff will carry out this verification and inform you of the new details. If an error is found in the original measurement, we update the new shipping cost, and credit you $5.99 to cover for any inconvinience. However, a charge of $5.99 is applied if the original measurement was correct, to cover for time and effort needed by our staff to measure a package that had already been correctly measured before.


Other things to note about the shipping cost for your items are:


All fragile items that can break due to normal handling while in transit are protected either by crating for very large items, or by use of bubble wraps that help to absorb any shock while in transit. The extra packaging will in most cases lead to a slightly higher shipping cost that if not protected, but it ensures your items are not damaged while in transit. 



Does Packing in 2 smaller boxes save me?

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The answer is no. Splitting one big shipment into 2 or more pieces will normally lead to a higher gross chargeable weight, hence a slightly higher shipping cost. All our staffs are trained on how to package with an aim to ensuring you get the minimum shipping cost at all times. All shipments sent are already packaged in the most efficient way to reduce your shipping cost.