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Shoptomydoor Creating Profitable Business Opportunities for Everyone


shoptomydoor business opportunity for all


There are so many business that are yet to be tapped into here in Nigerian. Even if there are lots of people already in some, who says you cannot join in that business which is generating billions yearly and be part of those cashing out. No ponzi scheme here, everything we are thinking here is ‘legit’. Do you know computer village at Ikeja churns out over N400,000 billion annually in Lagos? 
So, recently at Shoptomydoor we changed our tagline to “Creating Profitable Business Opportunities for Everyone”. The intention this year is to help small businesses grow, turn the so-called “lazy Nigerian youth” into a resourceful business man or woman. Some of you reading this might ask, what of capital? 
Do you know not every business requires huge capital to kick off, many can be started with N100,000? So, your capital should not be a stumbling block to massive wealth you can create with the opportunities knocking at your door.




NYSC is one-year of Federal Government privilege, that awesome feeling of being called a ‘Kopa’. Fortunately, or unfortunately, in a twinkling of an eye it’s gone. So, just before you hang those boots, have you thought of the plan you have for the future? Is it sustainable? Would it pull you through the challenges of the real world? No job, no job that is all you hear thereafter… yes, you will be positive. Afterall you had good grades from school, you are smart, or you know a couple of people that could pull some connections, that’s if you are lucky though.

But the real thing is what can you do differently? Do you really need a 9 to 5 job that sometimes end as 9 to 8? This is not to discourage you but to inspire you do great even though you end up with a ‘white collar job’. While there are those who have tested and tried out several businesses, there may be some who had it easy and seen lots of money. The best decision you can make is save money to invest. Your ‘alawee’ will only last one year, but if you save 19,800 monthly, in one year you will have saved a total of 

What about you saving and investing your allawee to become the boss? We will love to go through the processes of making money with you and share with you some lucrative business ideas that you can start with and smile to the bank in no time. This is no ponzi scheme like MMM, GetHelp, Loopers, Twinkers, Rocket Prime, Donation Hub. You can invest in genuine ideas that you can grow into a multimillion-naira business.
So, if you want to earn more than the N19,800 allawee N237, 600. That money can be used wisely to start a small business and with proper guide you will be the boss. 



It’s a great pain to look in your wallet and have no money. Being a nursing mother does not stop you from giving support to your family financially. Not even in this era where having one income can be so insufficient for one person, not to talk of a family. No one knows your situation like you do, so ignore all those people who advise you not to do any kind of business while at home.

There lucrative business ideas that will not stop you from taking care of your family and home. You will get so paid, you may never return to your 9 to 5 job. These are business ideas that fit so well into your lifestyle and allows you spend more time with your kids. Shoptomydoor is creating profitable business opportunities for everyone and with very little capital you will be proud you got in here. Like they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean so start now and grow that business you desire. You need no expertise to start, just join our team of expert through the link below to guide you on the right path to a successful business.

Want to know the best business you can do as a stay-at-home mom?






I quit! I quit! Well, you may have said this at some point to an employer or like many said it in your mind a million times because you are not satisfied financially. You just cannot quit because you have several bills to pay, from your house rent, to power, running your car, paying tuition fees and many more.

Please don’t quit that job, simply add a side hustle to that job and make that money you desire. For starters you may think you need to get an MBA to start a business, well no you do not, all you need is a partner that knows the pros and cons to start of a small business idea. 

But like others, you probably have a business idea in importation, and you are sure it is a great one, how about we show you how to turn that into a company while you maintain that job? We can talk more about this during our free webinar. Guys do not miss this for any reason in the world. All you need to attend is your data and time.



As Nigerian university student it is not out of place to start earning a living. In fact, to think of it as hopeless is the mindset of failing already. There are so many things you can start while in school and with the large crowd you have access to everyday, it will be wise for you to kick off right away. Don’t even leave this page with a second guess, you do not need a degree to kick off, neither do you need years of experience to start now.

Having a small business is not a full-time job and would not hinder you from meeting your up with your academics. After all, when there is some money in your account, you will probably have less money related problems to worry about, right? We’ve all been that broke and needed cash desperately, but with a business you will have less of such moments.

If you would really love to go far in life and learn some responsibility, we strongly advise you start now. Drop the excuses and join our free trainings to do something better while in school. You already have the target market you need around you, your course mates, friends and people in the hostels.