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Yes. Its used but you will never know. That's our goal, low cost but the best in quality. Our used car procurement service selects the best auto cars from USA, buys it, and ships it to you any where you are in the world. Our second hand cars are selected from variety of sources, including dealers, private sellers, and auctions. With most purchases now possible on the internet, most used car buyers now prefer to find their choice cars online, provide us the details, and we pick up from any location in the US. Not sure you can trust the car?, then request our inspection service when ordering and an experienced auto buyer will conduct a complete inspection of your car prior to buying. For more details, see our frequently asked questions below. Ready to buy, contact us now at [email protected]

Used Car Procurement Procedure

  1. Go through the listed sites below and search for the car of your choice. You can also search the new car dealers above, as they also sell used cars.
  2. Shipping cost will depend on the option you want. Please refer to our shipping cost section by clicking here.
  3. Estimate your clearing cost. You can get this from any local clearing agent. For Nigeria, clearing cost depends on the type of car. Please see our estimated clearing cost in the clearing cost section.
  4. If the total cost (Dealer Purchase Price + 3% processing cost+Service Charge + Shipping Cost + Clearing Cost) is okay with you, email us at [email protected]  and we can get the whole process started.
  5. Additionally, should you want an inspection report, we can do this for $200 within the Houston area and $275 for all other areas outside Houston. In all cases we will send a professional mechanic to carry out a total inspection of the car on your behalf.
  6. NOTE: Other buyers may be interested in the car you are looking at, and the dealers will sell to the first person to make payment in most cases. We will however work with you in each case to ensure the car is reserved for you, but in some cases the dealers will require a non-refundable deposit (that is applied to the cost of the car) if the car is to be reserved for you.
  7. Full payment for the issued Procurement quote (service charge inclusive) must be made before we go ahead to buy any car.
  8. $50 non-refundable fee in case a quoted car is sold off and a customer opt for cancelation.
  9. Urgent purchase attracts $100 surcharge.


Used Car Processing Cost
Car Cost ($)       Service Charge
1 - 1,000 $100 +10%
1,001 - 10,000 $100 +5%
Above 10,000 $100 +4%



Used Car WebSites

Auto Trader          Cars.com          Yahoo Autos          Texas Direct Auto          Edmunds.com

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