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Our new cars procurement service is one that has saved customers thousands of dollars because of the low cost of cars in the USA compared to other countries. From Audi's, BMW's Mercedes Benz, Toyota's or even the high end Bently's, our procurement service is one that is designed to buy, ship and deliver to you right to your country. Once you decide on a car, we work with you to select the various features of the car available for the dealers. You select your preferred exterior colors, interior colors, interior options and other options. We present to the dealers, and work closely with them and you, to ensure your complete satisfactions at all times. Having done this for numerous customers, you will be benefiting from a well established tradition of excellence. See our frequently asked questions to learn more.

New Car Procurement Procedure

  1. Go through the list of our preferred new car dealers below and search for the car of your choice.
  2. Shipping cost will depend on the option you want. Please refer to our shipping cost section by clicking here.
  3. Estimate your clearing cost. You can get this from any local clearing agent, or contact us for details. For Nigeria, clearing cost depends on the type of car. Please see our estimated clearing cost in the clearing cost section.
  4. If the total cost (Dealer Purchase Price + Service Charge + Shipping Cost + Clearing Cost) is okay with you, email us at [email protected] and we can get the whole process started. – same applies to new cars and auction
  5. Full payment for the issued Procurement quote (service charge inclusive) must be made before we go ahead to buy any car.
  6. $50 non-refundable fee in case a quoted car is sold off and a customer opt for cancelation.
  7. Urgent purchase attracts $100 surcharge.
New Car Processing Cost
Car Cost ($)       Service Charge
1 - 1,000 $100 +10%
1,001 - 10,000 $100 +5%
Above 10,000 $100 +4%

The 2% is the processing fee at fixed rate. This is 2% of the Car cost.

Preferred New Car Dealers

Toyota - Fort Bend ToyotaSterling McCall Toyota                                 Honda - GillMan HondaJohn Eagle Honda         

Nissan - Sterling McCall NissanBaker Nissan                                        BMW - Momemtum BMWBMW West

Mercedes Benz - Mercedes of SugarLandMercedes of GreenWay          Acura - Sterling McCall AcuraGillman Acura

Audi - Momemtum AudiAudi West                                                       Chevrolet - Davis ChevroletLoneStar Chevrolet

Ford - Helfman FordSterling McCall Ford                                              Infiniti - Southwest InfinitiWest Houston Infiniti

Land Rover - Southwest Land RoverLand Rover Houston                      Lexus - Sterling McCall LexusLexus of Clearlake

Volkswagen - Archer VolkswagenWest Houston Volkswagen                 Don't see the car of your choice - Email Us Now

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