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Having your card declined? Our Personal Shopper is the Solution.


If you card is declined online, we can help you to buy it


Just like all our services, we make it easy. You can use our personal shopper service right from your E-Procure account by clicking on the "Procurement" options from your account. Using our personal shopping service is easy.

How to use Personal Shopper Service

  1. Simply log into your E-Procure account.
  2. Click on the Procurement
  3. Fill the necessary details of what you need to order.
  4. The order is reviewed by our customer service team of trained personal shoppers.
  5. Once reviewed, an invoice is generated, and you will be immediately alerted by email. You make payment, and the order is processed.
  6. We keep you informed all the way, as soon as the order is placed, shipped and you will constantly be alerted as your shipment moves from point to point.


 Advantages of this service
  1. We offer the lowest processing fee possible. The more your purchase, the lower the processing fee. We charge as low as 6% for processing your purchase
  2. Easy view of your total order as you enter the items you need. This allows you to decide right away if you need to continue or modify your choices.
  3. Easy monitoring of all items as they are purchased.
  4. Easy tracking of all shipments just by entering your order number in the "Track Your Shipment Field".


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