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We offer a full range of services, including: 



Online Shopping

Shoptomydoor.com has greatly simplified the process of shopping online form USA, UK and China to most African countries. Our online shopping service, popularly called E-Procure service simply lets you use your Visa, MasterCard or any other international card to shop online and have the goods delivered to you locally. With this service, you get:
  • Your free local delivery address and warehouse in the US, UK and China.
  • No mark up fee, no processing fee. You pay exactly what the store charges.
  • You can start shopping in less than one minute after registration, with no complex forms to fill.
  • No limit to the stores you can shop from. Any store that accepts your visa or MasterCard is good to go.
  • Multiple shipping options to most destinations - Standard or Expedited air service or low cost Ocean service

Click here to learn more about how this works or simply take one minute to sign up now

Multiple Delivery Locations

With shipping to over From your US warehouse, we offer low cost air freight delivery with savings of over 80% to selected locations. In partnership with Fedex, we offer delivery as well to multiple countries with saving of over 50% in normal Fedex costs. To see if your country is among, please use the Get A Quote tool to calculate your estimated shipping cost. 

Free Consolidation Service

Consolidation simply refers to the receiving of your items from the same or various stores at the same or different times, and combining them together as one shipment for international shipping. Instead of paying for multiple single shipments from one store to your final destination, we combine them all in one package, and send you just one invoice.

With consolidation:

  • You can save you up to 80% on international shipping compared to using other common carriers.
  • You get the free choice of deciding which delivery service to use for different items.
  • You get to decide when, how and which items are sent to you.

Click here to see a practical result of typical savings using.

Free Repackaging Service

Combined with our consolidation service, our free repackaging service is designed to save you even more by reducing unnecessary dimensional weight in your packages. With this free service, we look at the size of the boxes used to deliver your items from various stores and repack them into the smallest possible box for your items. This has the potential to:

  • Save you thousands in shipping cost by reducing the volume weights to a minimum.
  • Get better protection for your valuable by our enhanced packaging for rough international handling.
  • Crating and other special packaging procedures are applied to your TV's and other large size items at highly reduced costs. 

Procurement Service

Designed for cases where your card international card is declined on certain online stores in the USA, Uk or China. This service is designed for individuals, businesses, traders, companies and contractors that need products from these countries. In using this service:

  • You get your products direct from reliable and trusted manufacturers and save a lot in the process.
  • We can provide procurement services to serve the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Construction, Medical Industry, Auto Industry, Clothing, Beauty and cosmetics, and lots more.
  • We handle everything from negotiations with the company to filling the necessary export documentation. 
  • We handle the shipping directly and hence offers you even more savings in that regards.
  • It is all handled quickly and easily direct from your account.

Air Freight Services

Air Freight is our core service, and combined with our online shopping offers our customers direct access to any size or quantity of items from USA, Uk and China in as little as 3 business days. The service covers:

  • Shipping of letters, documents and any small sized item.
  • Any size of packages 
  • Shipping of very heavy and industrial equipment.
  • Air freight of auto mobiles.
Irrespective of size, simply buy and have it delivered to your assigned warehouse and let Shoptomydoor do the rest and have it at your door step in a few days.

Ocean Service

When time is not critical in the delivery of your items, or cost is more paramount because of a tight budget, we recommend our Ocean Solution. This service is presently offered from our USA and China warehouses and offers all forms of Ocean service, including

  • Full Container Load (FCL) - This can be used for anything from cars to industrial equipment.
  • Less than Container Load (LCL) - Desired when your items can not fit a whole container.
  • Roll on Roll Off Service - RORO service is desired for cars and other mobile equipment.
  • Break Bulk Service - Used for heavy equipment and other large machinery.
As usual, your unique warehouse offers ou the option to ship any size of item to your final destination through Shoptomydoor

Shipment Drop Off

Are you living or in the Houston area, simply feel free to come to our US warehouse and drop off your shipment directly. We will package and ship just like your normal e-procure service.

Cargo Forwarding

Apart from shipments from your assigned warehouse address, Shoptomydoor.com also offer Cargo Forwarding service designed to move your cargo shipped to us from virtually any location in the US or China to most location worldwide. Simple let us know at [email protected] and we can pick up from your US or China supplier, move to your warehouse and consolidate with other items if necessary.

Excess Luggage

Your assigned warehouse address does more than just ship from various online stores. Ever been in a situation where you discovered you have too much luggage at the airport check in. Simply mail your luggage to your US warehouse and we will pack and move it to your final location at great rates.

Auto Auction

Auto Auctions offer the cheapest ways to get cars at over 50% savings from the US. Our procurement team can bid on your behalf at your proposed maximum bid or at a given “Buy it now” value. Combined with our Ocean service we will deliver your auction wins to your desired location.

Free 21 Days Storage

When shopping from multiple stores, it may take time for items to arrive and so we offer free 21 days storage for your items. After 21 days storage charges start accruing at $0.1/pound/day, and must be paid for before items ship out.

Our storage solution from our warehouses offers In house assembly and packaging services, including shrink and cello wrap, crating and lots more with specialized handling equipment for assembling, palletizing, strapping, labeling and placarding of your shipment.

Auto Air Freight

Designed for those who can not wait for the 3 to 4 weeks standard delivery speed of Ocean Freight to have their cars delivered. This specially designed service delivers your car to your door step in as little as 3 to 4 days. This is an expensive service, costing in the upwards of well over $15,000 for most cars and designed for very expensive luxury cars. Contact us for more details for your particular car.

Hazmat Shipping

Hazardous materials include common house hold items such as perfumes, batteries, paints and a lot of other items you desire. Shoptomydoor.com offers hazardous/hazmat packaging and shipping from our US warehouse to ensure you continue to save on these great items. Click here to learn more about hazmat.

Crating and Packaging

We offer professional packaging to ensure safe delivery of your cargo. Irrespective of the type of items, from very fragile to rugged and odd shaped  items, we have the materials and expertise to package it to ensure safe delivery during normal handling of your cargo. With experience in large item packing, fragile items packaging, and industrial equipment crating. We save you time by packaging or crating your items on your behalf and completing the necessary paper work needed to get them to their destination in perfect condition.


Shoptomydoor can handle the export filling on behalf of our customers where required. This is not usually needed for most purchases but should it be needed, we will take care of it.


Need other specialized from the US?. Please contact us at [email protected]