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Extra Shipping Charges



Our E-Procure system is designed to make shipping, and packaging stress free for our staff, as well as provide useful updates to you our customers. A few extra charges where the procedure is not properly followed is applied to ensure proper adherence to your terms of your warehouse use. The following extra charges may be incurred for shipping and may apply to all E-Procure account:

1.  Improper E-Procure Account - There will be a charge for customers who send items to us to ship without following the proper procedure for using our E-Procure service. These charges are due to issues like:

  • No Unit Number on Package: A charge of $9.99 per package will be imposed on customers who send items to us without the proper addressing. We expect all customers sending shipments to us, to have a valid account, if shopping online and sending to us. With your account, a unit number is assigned to you, and all shipments must be shipped to us using your unit number.  Note that just sending a shipment to us without properly addressing as shown in your warehouse address causes confusion, and leads to extra work on the warehouse personnel, hence the extra charge required to sort out your packages separately.

2.  Inventory charges -  Enjoy lower inventory charge of $0.69 per delivery, simply tell us what you have ordered as soon as you have placed your orders on one or more online stores.

To do that: 

  • Click on the “Start a New Shipment/Add Incoming Delivery” icon from your warehouse before your items are delivered to your assigned warehouse.

  • Once received the necessary details will be updated for you to have access to submit the shipment for payment.

    NOTE: A charge of $0.69 per delivery applies when you inform us of what you are expecting, while a charge of $2.99 per delivery applies if we are not informed of the items you are expecting before they are delivered.

3.  Destination Modification Charge - Each personal account holder has a defined shipping address as defined in their account, and all their shipments are sent to these address. You are free to modify your shipping address at any time by logging into your account and clicking on "My Address Book". Shipments that have left and are already in transit, and a request to modify the destination address will attract a $9.99 destination modification charge. Please note that this only applies if we have shipped your item and then while in transit, you request for us to send it to a different destination.

4.  Delivery Pictures - A $6.99 charge applies if you request for delivery pictures on all items in a delivery and $2.99 for a single item.

5.  Sharing Units - Each personal warehouse address is designated for a husband/wife to use, and not to be used by colleagues and friends. A $9.99 charge will be added to all shipments where a unit number is being shared with anyone not identified as a husband/wife. We expand and increase our warehouse space to accommodate new customers and sharing units may lead to issues that may cause us to render poor service. Please ensure that your unit is used only by your spouse to avoid the $9.99 charge.

6.  Copy of Delivery Note - A $4.99 charge is applied to all requests for a scanned copy of delivery notes, or receipts of items received in your warehouse. A scanned copy will be emailed to you, and an invoice for this amount will be generated to cover the time for processing such requests.

7.  Item Return - A $5.99 return item processing charge will imply on request to return an item that has been delivered to the warehouse. Normal shipping charges will also to apply to ship these items to the stores. We will provide you with the return cost (shipping cost + $10.99 processing charge) and an invoice will be generated. Once payment is made, the item will be returned back to the store as requested.

8.  Repackaging - You are to select “remove shoe boxes” for the extra boxes of your package to be removed from your shipment settings before your items are received in the warehouse, If this is not done, the repackaging fee of $5.99 applies for this to be done.

9.  Creating of new delivery - Once a payment attempt has been made on a shipment, any other item received will be updated into a new shipment. You can wait for all your packages to be delivered and updated before attempting to make payment. For example, if you have generated an invoice for a shipment, a new shipment will be created for the new one.

10.  Same Day Expedited Request - A $4.99 is added for same day expedited requests. Please note that same day expedited requests apply for items that arrive before 2pm on the same day you request for it to be shipped out.

11.  Re-Weighing / Re-Dimensioning Charge - A $7.99 charge applies when you request for us to re-weigh and re-measure your items if you are in doubt as to the values used to compute your shipping cost. A credit of $3 is applied to your shipping cost if the mistake is from us, and the $7.99 is waved. Hence if we made an error, the new actual cost is re-computed, and then a further discount of $3 is given to you for the inconvenience. However, if our original weights and dimensions are correct, then a charge of $7.99 is added to the shipping cost, to cover time and effort needed to retrieve the shipment and reweigh what was correctly weighed initially.

12.  Crating Cost - Some items need to be crated for shipping to ensure they are not damaged during transit. These include highly fragile items and items made of glass, such as flat screen TV, glass wares, etc. Sample of such costs are shown below:

  • 40in TV or Less - $39
  • 41in to 50in TV - $59
  • 51in to 70in TV - $79
  • 70in and above - $99
  • Power Bikes - $599
  • Other items of other shapes and sizes are billed at $0.000337 per cubic in.

13.  AES Filling - This is a filling done on your behalf and is also referred to as Shippers Export Declaration (SED). This filling is required by the U.S. Census Bureau for U.S. exports that contain a single commodity's value exceeding US$2,500.00. All SED information is provided to the U.S. Census Bureau and is used for export compliance and governmental reporting, and for compilation of foreign trade data. For items valued at less than $2,500, all that is needed is just the sales receipt or invoice, and no filling is required.

14.  Hazmat Items - Hazmat is an abbreviation for hazardous materials, and refers to any item or agent (biological, chemical, physical) which has the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment, either by itself or through interaction with other factors. The most encountered hazardous materials we experience is perfumes and most items containing alcohols. Because of the special packaging and extra documentation required for Hazmat, it is charged at a slightly higher rate than normal cargo. All hazardous shipments incur a 25% surcharge to compensate for the higher shipping cost and to cover the mandatory UN fee.

15.  Secured Items - Please note that items such as wrist watches, phones, tablets, jewelries and high value items are categorized as secured items. As a result, they are shipped in a separate box to ensure its full security and protection to avoid damage, theft or loss while in transit. 

16.  Other Charges - Certain other charges such as government duties, entry preparation fee may be imposed on shipments to your warehouse if they are coming in from countries outside the warehouse address. Hence you may order an item from a website that is shipped into your warehouse from China, Canada etc. For such items the bill for the duties and other charges are billed usually after we may have shipped the items to you. You agree to pay for all such amount, and including a 10% processing fee we will impose of such payments we make on your behalf to the respective agency. And also NOTE that extra $20 will be added to you shipping cost for each Laptops and extra $19 to your shipping cost for each Tablets.

17.  Shipping Boxes - Where required, special boxes may be used to repackage your shipment to ensure they are not damaged during transit or to consolidate multiple items to ship in just one package.