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A Simple Guide to Help You Use without Stress


Now that you have joined over 100,000 satisfied customers on we will like to walk you through the process to make it easy to shop from over 80,000 online stores in USA and UK using your VISA or MasterCard from your bank… yes, the same card your bank issued you can be used to shop without you paying us any processing fee. So, read on and enjoy huge savings on quality brand you love…



Once you are signed up on our platform, an onboarding specialist will give you call to help you understand how we can serve your shopping needs for personal or business use. Helping you create profitable businesses is our passion; if you run a business you are on the right platform and will help you grow your business & profit.
For individual shoppers we help you save money on everyday needs, from fashion to supermarket items up to cars and their original parts. You’ll enjoy year round sale on USA/UK online stores, yet get quality products you can trust for you and your family.


How to Use Your US/UK Address:

When shopping online in the US or UK, you are to use your assigned address as your shipping address. Use your own personal phone number in the phone field in case the store needs to contact you. Also, take not that the billing address to use on any site you are shopping from is the address as registered with your bank on your card. The store will deliver to your Shoptomydoor assigned address and we will combine all your items and ship to you.

Importance of Your Unit Number

Your unit number is attached to your free USA & UK address and it is your personal identification number. Your unit number will be used to identify your information and the products/items you bought. It also good to have the unit number in case if there is any issue of any customer that have the same name or purchased same product, in this case, we will not ship out the item before they are verified by the owners. 

How to Know Your Shipping Cost:

To know your shipping cost, simply click the ‘’Get a quote’’ column on our website and enter the weight and dimensions of the item. Enter the address you will be shipping from and the address you will be shipping to. Fill in the weight and dimensions and enter the correct value ($) of your item. The system will show you a valid shipping cost.

How to Know Where Items You Bought Are:

The items you bought are found in your warehouse. Click on the show delivery icon and all items you bought will be shown to you. You can find out if the item us packaged or in transit. You will also find different shipping method to choose from, click on any one that fits your budget and time frame and check out. Always confirm that All Values and Quantities for all deliveries are correct before checking out.


Small Businesses Love Shoptomydoor Because:

  • Your shipping cost is lower with our combine and save – this means you can shop from one or multiple sellers/stores online and receive all at the same time while paying less than the price other major shippers will charge you
  • You enjoy 30 days free storage using fill and ship packages, while other methods give you 14 days free storage in our US/UK warehouse.
  • You have 4 shipping options on Shoptomydoor with minimum delivery speed as little as 4 days and can select one method that works best for you.




More Benefits of Choosing Shoptomydoor To Shop for Business or Personal Needs


  • No need paying anyone $10 - $20 to help you shop online. We give your free USA & UK address so you can shop as if you live in the US
  • You will be assigned an Account Manager that will help you, if you are having any difficulty. 

  • Reliable shipping services via air and ocean shipping – so time bound products can arrive earlier by air and if you want to further reduce shipping cost, you can select to ship by sea.

  • Door to door delivery, it doesn’t matter where you are. We will ensure your products are shipped, cleared and delivered to your doorstep

  • Refund in 24 hours if anything happens to your products. This is a guarantee because we ensure nothing happens to your items, to ensure we meet up with our promise we give you free insurance on all your items and will refund you after we have investigated the cause of any damage or loss with our insurance partner, Consolidated Hallmark.




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