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Dear Customers,

Since inception, the core mission of American AirSea Cargo has been the provision of stress free air and ocean shipping services to individuals and companies at the most cost effective price, using technology that rivals those of companies such as Fedex, UPS and DHL at only a fraction of their costs. Achieving this required us to constantly focus on improving and simplifying our technology.

In an effort to achieve these goals, we set out on a massive upgrade to our system a few months ago, and at the time to transition, we noticed some incompatible issues with our old and new database structure that lead to a few issues. Coupled with customs related issues and strikes in our main hub Nigeria, we experienced some service delivery issues in the past few months. Some customers also experienced issues of items been left behind in the US warehouse, only to be shipped out later to them in subsequent shipments, and all this is attributed to this upgrade. While most of these issues did not affect the majority of our customers, some aspect affected all.

On behalf of the company, we want to use this medium to apologize for the issues you may have experienced in the last few months. We also want to use this medium to high light some of the measures we have put in place to ensure 100% service satisfaction starting from now, as well as the compensation we will be offering to customers when any service delivery issue is experienced.

An All New American AirSea Cargo

The final completion of the transition from the old to the new system is now complete and you would have noticed changes in the structure of your warehouse and more options to ensure faster delivery at all times. We also embarked on a total review of our operations as well as expansion and modification of our US warehouse to quickly accommodate our increasing customer base. The expansion was just completed on the 7th of November and has resulted in a doubling of our capacity and hence ability to provide way faster service from now on. With the completion of these upgrades, you will see massive improvements in:

Warehouse Update and Invoicing: Warehouse update time frame is now reduced from 48 hours to a maximum of 24 hours, but you will see updates done in less than 12 hours in most cases. Similarly, invoicing time frames are also now reduced from the long delays experienced to 24 hours maximum, with even faster updates on Fridays prior to items been shipped out with our standard service. Hence starting from this week, you will have upto 11:59 midnight US time on Friday (For now, 7am Saturday, Nigerian time for now and 6am Nigerian time from April after the expiration of day light saving time) to make payment for your shipments to ensure they leave same Saturday. Note that payments for shipments need to be made by credit cards for now to ensure their payments are automatically processed and hence ready to be shipped out the same day. To ensure all customers have direct and easy access to acceptable payment methods, we are introducing the American AirSea Cargo Visa card that gives you automatic discount on your shipping cost. More details of this is explained below. The warehouse renovation not only ensures faster updates, but also eliminates the possibility of items mistakenly left behind with your shipping request.

Tracking Features: We have also greatly improved our tracking features and updates to your shipments will be updated constantly. To track your shipments, simply use your order number, generated after payment is made in the tracking field. You will see updated status of your shipments. Hence you do not need to call or email us on the status of your orders any more. Starting on 30th of November, we will be further releasing even more advanced tracking features that will alert you with full status of your shipments right to your email.


Insurance: To ensure complete satisfaction even in instances where items may be damaged or misplaced in transit, we have now instituted insurance on all shipments. To ensure full coverage we urge you to ensure purchase invoices are uploaded for all shipment in your warehouse. This is necessary as some invoices do not come with shipments, and we have to use $0 as the shipping cost. Not uploading these invoices will lead to these shipments been covered at the $0 declared value which you are mandated to confirm prior to items been set to “Ready to Ship”.

Expedited shipments: These will depart the US the same day the requests are put in as long as they are received and payment made before 2pm US time (9pm, Nigerian time). As usual, payment must be made with credit or debit cards to ensure automatic processing.


Introduction of the American AirSea Cargo Visa Card: Since getting the fastest service for now requires payment with world class payment cards, we partnered with UBA to introduce a customized Visa Prepaid Card that meets all the requirements of our global customers intending to shop in various countries. This new card will be available shortly and has the following features:

  • A Visa branded Prepaid Card denominated in Naira and accepted in any currency worldwide.
  • Secured with the latest Verified By Visa's technology in order to protect you when doing online shopping on millions of web merchants.
  • A 10% shipping discount will be applied to all customers picking up this card and will be automatically recognized when making payment. You need not do anything to get the discount but just to have your card and use it for payment.
  • Multiple loading options, makes loading a breeze, and in line with regulations on card limit can be upgraded to ensure your spending limits are met at all times. Been a customized (UBA/American AirSea Cargo) it can be loaded either by various options from UBA or by American AirSea Cargo for its member card holders.
  • Been our recommended card, we will offer a 50% reduction in normal procurement cost to customers who in the course of making purchases in the US with these cards have their purchases declined by any store for reasons not theirs. More details on a full list of the benefits we are offering card holders and for information on how to apply for the card will be available shortly.

Improvement in Ocean Service – We are also improving our Ocean service and those who have constantly used it in the past few months would have noticed a reduction in transit time from an average of 2 months to just under 5 weeks. Cost of Ocean services is also expected to drop sharply especially with respect to clearing costs as we have put in various measures to ensure lower cost but yet faster service.

Improvement in Our Procurement Service – Our procurement service has also recently see major upgrades and most notable of this is the introduction of the urgent purchase system that allows your procurement orders to be placed within 24 hours of payment been received at all times. This we see will be very handy this Christmas period as major stores especially in the US roll out great deals that won’t last for long. Hence we encourage the use of the urgent purchase option this season. We will soon be releasing procurement modules that makes it very easy to procure from ebay using their auction system to save you even more on procurement costs. Auto part procurement is also coming into focus and another separate module to make easy auto parts procurement will also be released shortly.. 

Services from London and China Warehouse – Services from these locations are been revamped and within the next 1 months, we will be providing the same level of service as seen in the US. Hence updates will be done from these warehouses allowing for selection of shipments when you are ready to have them shipped out, and other services as seen in the USA.

Improved Customer Service – We have also within the last few months improved our customer service with increased staff strength designed to handle all issues within 1 business day. Our commitment is a 1 business day settling of all issues where feasible. With the improved service, I will be providing an email for all customers to reach me directly if any of their issues are not resolved within 1 business day. Please use this email only if your issues are not resolved within 1 business day, as that is the time set for all issue resolution. Also, please don’t copy me when sending email to our customer service team on any issue, unless it’s after the 1 business day limit. My email to report all such issues is [email protected]

Regular Surveys – You may be receiving regular surveys from us from time to time. These surveys are designed to find out what you will like to see in our service. All surveys will not be more than 5 questions, and we plead with you to always complete such surveys as it will help us to determine how to serve you better, Maximum time to fill any of these surveys will be less than 5 minutes.

Service Issues Compensation – To assure you that we are ready to provide the services we have promised above, we will be offering the following to all customers where we have any issues in any of the above service delivery commitments starting from shipments received from the 18th of November, 2013.

o   A $20 shipping credit if your warehouse is not updated within 36 hours (business hours) of items been received, and $30 if it not updated after 48 hours (2 business days).

o   A $20 shipping credit if your invoice is not generated within 36 hours (business hours) of your request (1 and a half business days) of items been received, and $30 if it not generated after 48 hours (2 business days).

o   A 50% refund of shipping cost and up to $100 for delays in delivery due to us. This does not include issues due to airline congestions, weather related delays or delays in customs due to strikes or other issues that are not within our control.

o   A $25 credit to your account if an item or a delivery is left behind and not shipped as of the requested time.

o   To claim this compensation, please email me directly at [email protected] and this will be credited to you within 24 hours.

Like earlier stated, we have taken great efforts and have invested a lot to ensure 100% satisfaction in our service delivery starting from now and you will see these rapid improvement in service delivery. Again, I want to use this opportunity to say thank you for trusting us and we look forward to serving you better.

Udeh Nduka

President, American AirSea Cargo.