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Making Use of Your Warehouse

My Warehouse

Your warehouse provides a real virtual view of all items you have in your warehouse, and provides an easy to use, yet very powerful interface. It's designed so you feel you are right there looking at your items. My Warehouse allows you to view all items in your warehouse, manage your inventory, select the shipping option, return your item back to the store.

 As items are received, your warehouse manager will update them, and you will see 3 different shipping options for each delivery.

  1. Send via Air – All shipping option defaults to send via Air. Once payment is made, it will be shipped with the shipping method paid for.

  2. Send via sea – If you want some or all deliveries to be shipped via sea, just click on send via sea. Once selected, an invoice will be generated manually within 24 business hours.

  3. Return item – If you wan to return a particular item to the store, just click on return item, we will get the notification, manually generate an invoice for the items you want shipped and return the item you requested to be returned to merchant.

NOTE: You will automatically be notified via email once any change occurs in your warehouse. Please see track your shipment for more details of our various notification options.

Your warehouse has 5 distinct sections as shown below.

 1 - Provides details of your warehouse address.

 - Enables you request for snapshot of your items.

 - Select this option to have us recount items in your shipment. But first, you need to make payment as usual. A $4.99 charge will be applied to recount your shipment temporarily, and this stays if our initial count was correct. We recommend you first cross check your order to be sure that we made no error and we advice you also contact the store to be sure all items have been shipped. If there was an error by us after the recount, the $4.99 will be refunded to you.

 4 - Select shipping option either via air, ocean or have an item returned.

 5 - Select to have all your items ship by air and use this to pay. 


The following actions can be performed in your warehouse:

  • You can update the value of your item.

  • Select your preferred shipping option (either air, sea or return).

  • Once items are received and updated, they can no longer be deleted from your warehouse. (Only your warehouse manager can remove items that have been received, if for any reason they have to be shipped back to the store).

  • You can select all or some deliveries to be shipped via sea or have it returned to the merchant, while the rest will ship via Air.

  • Once items are selected to be shipped out, their status can no longer be modified and our warehouse personnel immediately start packaging them for shipping.

  • Once items are paid for, they will no longer be visible in your warehouse, however, you will constantly get an update on the status.


Below is how to sign into your warehouse.



Here is a typical view of your warehouse.


shipping from americashoptomydoor


Shipment settings



  1.  Removing shoes from their boxes if not needed, can save you a lot in volume weight and hence shipping cost. Select and we will remove shoes from their  original boxes when repacking your shipment.
  2. With this option, we will ship your packages in the same box used to deliver it from the store. Where you have multiple boxes, we will consolidate all into one shipment if possible, but all items will still remain in their original delivery boxes. This is not recommended if not essential as it will lead to higher volume weight in most instances.
  3. A lot of unwanted magazines from stores usually arrive for you. let us know by selecting this, if you always want these included in your shipments.
  4. Insurance is now automatically added to all shipments at 1.75% of items and shipping cost.
  5. This is valid for FedEx/DHL shipments only, and is usually not recommended, but if you insist, they will be included. it may lead to higher evaluation of import charges in some countries.
  6. Select this if items are for personal use and not for resale. This may legally help in duty reduction in some countries. This is Valid for FedEx and DHL shipments only.
  7. Select this if items are for personal use and not for resale. This may legally help in duty reduction in some countries. This is Valid for FedEx and DHL shipments only.
  8. We will scan this to you if needed. A $2.99 extra charge will be billed to your account for this service.
  9. We will take photos of items in your warehouse and email to you. A $4.99 extra charge will be applied to your account for this service. request this for any particular shipment of yours before it ships by emailing us at [email protected]
  10. We will let you know before your account expires.



Once logged into your account, click on order history to see all your invoices.



The result of your search is displayed as shown below.