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Interested in giving customers in our target market access to your products. You benefit in multiple ways:



Increased sale due to increased customers. You store/site is exposed to over 200 million more customers, making it seem like you have a branch  in our partner countries.





Lower marketing cost to your international customers as we constantly market and promote our services, and hence your offerings to international customers, allowing you to stretch your marketing budget further.




Lower international shipping cost encourages more customers to purchase through you. We also assume responsibility of ensuring items are delivered to customers. This protects you from the complains of items been lost in transit, as it happens a lot with international shipments.



Fraud screening of all shipments prior to its been dispatched. Our staffs are trained to spot potential fraudulent transactions, acting like your second eye. Our staff have spotted tens of fraudulent transactions, stopped them and have contacted the merchants for verification. Where merchants cant be reached, items are handed over to the local Stafford police, whom we work with closely. The police follows up the investigation and ensure items are returned to the merchants.



Fraud prosecution and recovery of items in certain countries - We do this by stopping shipments half way when a Merchant contacts us of possible fraud. Our partners in these countries then hold the shipment and make arrangements to return it to the US merchants. Where feasible, we go as far as apprehending the suspects and possible trial in our partner countries. We have handed over suspects to local police in Nigeria mainly. See our sample cases, by clicking here.




Export compliance and filling of required US export documentation on your behalf, reducing your paper work.




Simply email us at [email protected], and your store details will be added to our preferred merchant list.