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Image and Snapshot Features

Your warehouse is now equipped with an option for you to view images/videos of your deliveries/items. With a small fee of $4.99 you can have up to 5 pictures per delivery. 
If you wish to receive snapshots of your items, use the following steps.
Step 1. Log into your account on www.shoptomydoor.com and Click on My warehouse
shop anywhere online and have it delivered to your door
Step 2. Go to the shipment you wish to get the images and Click on the drop down arrow by Snapshot and select yes. Then click on update.
shop US UK and China and we deliver to your door
If you wish to view the images at a later time, use the following steps
Step 1. Log into your e-procure account on www.shoptomydoor.com and click on My Images as shown below.
Shop any where in the world we will get it to you
Step 2. Enter the shipment number in the shipment number space, select the time range of your shipment and click on search as shown below.
shop globally and get it deliver to you at your door