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How Shoptomydoor Works

Want to know how ShopToMyDoor works? Here are five easy steps that shows how we provide you a stress-free shipping and shopping experience from multiple US & UK online stores.
Step 1.
Register - If you have not created an account with us, sign up on the link below to get your  assigned automated US & UK warehouse address:
cargo to Ghana
Step 2.
You Shop from multiple online stores in the US & UK using the automated warehouse address assigned to you as delivery address. ShopToMyDoor enables you shop for top brands you can trust from over 80,000 online stores in the US & UK, with us there are no limitations to size and quantity.
Step 3.
Your Items arrive at your assigned warehouse address (We receive) – Using your assigned automated warehouse address as delivery address when shopping from multiple US & UK online stores, we receive your items in your warehouse until you are ready to ship-ut. We offer you 21 days free storage to allow you receive all items you shop for from multiple US & UK online stores, allowing you to use our “Combine & Save” service thereby saving you up to 75% on shipping cost compared to other shippers.
Step 4.
Pay for your items to be shipped out – Once you have confirmed that all your items have been received at your automated warehouse address, usually it take 24 – 48 business hours for your items to be updated into your assigned warehouse where you can see them and pay for them to be shipped via air, using the “Pay & ship via air” button. You can also pay for them to be shipped via ocean.
Step 5.
We Ship – Once you pay for your items to be shipped, we ship-out your items either through our 1st shipment on Wednesday or our 2nd shipment on Friday.  
Step 6
We Deliver to Your Doorstep – We deliver your items to you anywhere you are within 5 – 8 business days, you can also pick-up your items in our Lagos office.


A Nigerian customer picking up his items from our Lagos office.

Benefits of using ShopToMyDoor:


  • We offer you a free life-time USA & UK automated warehouse address.
  • We guaranty you 75% savings on shipping cost compared to the major shippers using our “Combine and Save” service.
  • 24/7 tracking and constant notification on shipment status, with 16 hours live customer support.
  • Door to door delivery. No need going to clear at the port and struggling to carry your products home. We will deliver to you anywhere in Nigeria.
  • We refund you 100% of the value of your item, if anything happens to your items.
  • We refund you 20% your shipping cost if we fail to deliver within our stated time frame.