To have your car shipped, you need to provide us with all details of the car by filling in the “Ship My Car” form.

  • Log into MY WAREHOUSE and click on AUTO PARTS
  • Scroll to SHIP MY CAR and click to reveal the form

  • Select the make /model /year, then fill in other details of the car
    Please ensure to provide the direct link of the car, and exact pictures of the car. This allows us to know the condition the car was delivered or received
  • We need the details of the car title before we can schedule a pick-up. Be sure that our driver can collect it during pick up, as we can’t ship a car without the title
  • Follow the process to make payment.
    We will review your order and if everything is correct, we will schedule the car pick up within 2 – 4 business days
  • The cost paid here only covers shipping to the Port. Additional clearing cost must be paid to get it out of the ports.