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Safe, Stress Free and Cost Effective Truck and Equipment Clearing at Lagos Seaport


Trucks and Heavy Equipment Clearing Service

  • For trucks and industrial equipment of all sizes, you require the service of a licensed clearing agent for stress free, fast and cost effective clearing service at Lagos seaport.
  • We serve all sectors ranging from health, oil and gas, telecommunication, building and construction and engineering sector etc.
  • For Truck/equipment  not bought through us, we guarantee efficient clearing service in as little as 5 business days.
Truck and Equipment Procurement
  1. Whether New, Used or Auction purchase, simply provide us with the details of the equipment you need with the actual specification and model number.
  2. We will get to work, and contact various dealers to ensure you get the lowest possible price.
  3. We will provide you with prices, shipping cost and any other cost to deliver the equipment to your final destination, with details of delivery time frames.
  4. Once an agreement is reached, payment is made, items are procured by us, shipped and delivered to you within the agreed time frame.

Other Auto Services we Render

  • Equipment parts and repairs.
  • Inspection services.


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