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guaranteed delivery

guaranteed delivery

Shipping With Shoptomydoor? What is our 100% Guarantee

When we say guaranteed delivery or your money back, we mean it. Our guaranteed delivery for all items you are shipping or money back policy covers your:

  1. Total Declared Item Cost - This is the value as seen on the invoice of purchase for items you have purchased from online stores or where the invoice is not available (usually for old personal items), the values you have assigned to all items in your shipment. Should anything happen and the items are not delivered or lost in transit, you will be fully compensated for the total declared value of your whole shipment.
  2. Total Shipping Cost - This is the total cost you paid us to ship your whole package. So in simple terms all your cost of shipping is also paid back to you. 

NOTE: All other companies will only compensate you up to $100. We compensate your 100%.

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How Can We Make This Guarantee

Our innovative warehouse solution has allowed us to monitor and ship well over 1,000,000 items to over 46,000 customers with an accuracy of over 99.999%. To achieve this high accurracy, we have:

  1. Developed a unique warehouse addressing system that assigns each customer a unique warehouse identifier. This unit number identifies you and your destination country and can be used to track every single item you are shipping both online and physically in our warehouse. This is a solution used by only Shoptomydoor.
  2. As items come in, it is immediately inventoried and uploaded into your warehouse with accuracy. You are alerted and have the option to verify all items been shipped are correct.
  3. Secured sealing tapes on all shoptomydoor boxes ensures that you will easily know if any box has been tampered with while in transit.
  4. Our secured delivery method ensures that items are moved in crated and secured boxes from one location to another, reducing the possibility of tampering to almost zero.
  5. Physical and online verification is done in our partner locations where applicable to ensure that nothing was tampered with while in transit.

invoice sample

A Sample View of A Customers Shipment

Questions on Our 100% Guarantee Shipping

  1. What Shipments are Covered - All your shipment through Shoptomydoor is guaranteed. Whether it is via air freight or Ocean Freight, all are covered.
  2. What is Declared Value - Declared value is the amount you tell us that your shipment is worth before it leaves your assigned warehouse. You can view this before paying for any shipment in your warehouse. It is advisable to use the purchase cost of the items so as to get compensated fully in case of loss.
  3. Do l Have to Pay For Insurance - No. You do not pay any insurance. Based on our shipping volume, and extremely low loss rate, we have a group policy that covers every customer on a yearly basis.
  4. What Happens If My Whole Shipment Is Missing - With a 99.9% success delivery rate, this hardly happens. But should it happen, simply call our customer service or email us at and we will process your claim once its verified. 
  5. What Happens If An Item is Missing - We refund you the cost of the item plus the shipping cost of the item or replace and have the item shipped based on the declared value updated.
  6. How Long Does It Take To Process a Claim - It takes just 3 days for verified claims to be settled. 

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Drop Off Your Package, Shop online and send to us, and Relax
Guaranteed Shipping to Nigeria