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Special Offer on Gas Generator

Terms and conditions apply. Click here to read.

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Steps to Enjoy Promo
1. Click to enjoy the offer and obtain your free USA, UK and China warehouse address in less than one minute. If you have signed up before now, simply log into your Shoptomydoor account.
2. Shop generators from USA online stores and ship to your assigned USA warehouse address.
3. Once you are ready to ship out your generator, send us an email and you will be billed with the special promo cost.

Dual Powered Portable Generator (Gas/Petrol) 4750-Watt

Previous Price: $699.00
Recent Price: $505.52 
You Save: $193.48 (28% Off)

Quiet Portable Gas Generator 2000-Watt

Now Selling For

Hybrid Dual Fuel Gas/Petrol 4,400-Watt Powered Portable Generator

Save 30%
Now For $515.10

Gentron 5,000W / 6,000W Gas Powered Generator

Selling Price 

Sportsmans Series 4000-Watt LP Generator

Previous Price: $532.99
Recent Price: $249.98 
You Save $283.01

Sportsmans Series 7000-Watt LP Generator

Selling Price 




.. and lots more


Terms and conditions 
  1. Shop generators from any USA online store.
  2. Promo is only applicable to the sizes of 15,000 and below.
  3. Promo cost covers shipping from USA to Nigeria office. Delivery within and outside Lagos will attract an extra cost.
  4. 10% duty charge payable to the Federal Government of Nigeria on importation is required.
  5. This offer valid from May 17th 2016 to May 31st 2016.



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