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Fraud Prosecution in Shipping

Ever wondered what happens to those whose credit cards were used in fraud transactions. Whose savings are sometimes wiped out by lazy folks who don't work but want to defraud others. Well, we at American AirSea Cargo do, and that's why we have instituted serious policies to stop any fraudulent transactions from passing through us.



The policies we have in place guarantees an almost 100% certainty that you will be caught if trying to ship a fraud shipment through us. Some of these include:

  • Full training of all staff on the detection of fraud shipments. Just by looking at a shipment, most times without even looking at an invoice, our staff can know if its a potential fraud shipment.
  • Working relationship with the police commands both in Lagos, the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria), and the Stafford police, in Texas to stop, and prosecute anyone found to be involved with fraud.

There is a lot more that we check that we wont reveal publicly. Our advise to you is don't risk it. We will catch you, and will prosecute you to the full extent of the law. We advise you to use other medium and stay clear of American AirSea Cargo for fraud shipments.

Our terms and conditions specifically states how we handle fraudulent customers, so please review this and be ready for its consequences:

"You agree that your E-Procure account will be used only for lawful reasons, as any form of illegal use of your E-Procure account is strictly not allowed by us, and will immediately lead to closure of your account. You agree to abide by all local, state, national and international laws and regulations, as well as laws and regulations of the countries to which you are shipping to. You agree not to use your account to procure items by use of fraudulent or stolen credit cards, and not to use any payment method for which you are not authorized to make payment on this site. On receipt of any goods found to be obtained through fraudulent means, such goods will immediately be handed over to the appropriate government authority, or returned to the US retailer (if known), and all amounts paid for the shipping of such goods, for items that have not been shipped will also be handed over to the applicable local authority as well, where feasible. For goods that have been shipped to its final destination prior to our discovery that they were fraudulently purchased, such goods if not already released or delivered to you will be handed over to the relevant local authority in the country of destination. You agree that even if such fraudulently obtained goods have been delivered to you, we may at our own discretion still prosecute you for violation of the terms of use of your E-Procure account. You will be responsible for any losses incurred by us due to any improper use of your E-Procure account, as well as cost incurred in prosecuting you for violations of the terms of this agreement and you agree to fully indemnify and hold us harmless from and against all manner of losses or damages that may arise from your unlawful use of your account that violates any part of this terms and conditions."

We have so far redirected tens of shipments back to the real company, including shipments from Walmart, Apple, Verizon Wireless, Fossil, Ardyss International, Consignment Blackberry Phones from Cricket Wireless (handed over to Stafford Police in Texas), and lots more. Where the real owners cant be traced, the items will be handed over to the local Stafford Police for disposal. Below are a few of the cases we have prosecuted in conjunction with the Lagos police and the Stafford police in Texas.


Mr Sean Paul - In December 2013, and represented by Mr Patrick Oni, Sean Paul sent a huge batch of fluke multimeters to our warehouse. Following serious training, our warehouse personnel easily noticed after the items had shipped that the were most likely fraud and set out to effect an arrest of Mr Sean Paul. More research was done and items were immediately returned back to the US seller of the items. An operation was set up to effect the arrest of Mr Sean paul, and on 6th of January 2014, he was arrested by men of the Lagos state police command. He was charged for credit card fraud, and we worked seriously with the Police to ensure he is fully charged and convicted for fraud. Following his experience after spending days in prison, Mr Patrick Oni will most likely not engage in any form of fraudulent activity through American AirSea Cargo. 

Mr Wale Ogunsola - On the 19th of July 2010, Mr Wale of Ikeja, Lagos used the names of  Mr Nelson, of North Carolina, USA and Mrs Pierce of Colorado Springs, USA to make purchases on a US based web site, Using the credit cards of these two Americans, purchases were made to the tune of $3000. The items were then directed to be shipped to him through American AirSea Cargo. These were easily noted as fraud by our trained shipping team, and our location in Nigeria was immediately alerted. An operation to effect an arrest was put in place in conjunction with the Nigerian Police, and he was arrested within hours, and charged for credit card fraud. Documents were provided to prove the case, and he was charged by the police and made to account for the purchases. He was fully prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Mr Shannon Hendricks - Around the 10th of December, 2010, we received a shipment of 8 blackberry phones (Model - 8530) to be shipped to Ibadan for a Mr Shannon Hendricks. A quick review by our staffs also spotted this to be a fraudulent shipment. The phones included receipts for various US based customers from Cricket Wireless. More extensive review confirmed this to be a suspected case of fraud, and we advised the customer to provide genuine receipts or the items will be held back. There after, we did not hear from the customers, and after 3 months, the items were all delivered to the Stafford Police Department, on the 1st of April, 2011 to dispatch to dispatch the items back to the rightful owners.

Mr M. Olusegun - In March, 2011, shipments containing 147 units of 500 GB hard drives were received in 2 batches from a US based Mr John Terry. Our trained staff on immediately seeing the packages identified them as potential fraud, and further investigation confirmed this. Note that our staff are fully trained on fraud detection and investigation and identify fraud packages within minutes of receiving them. We alerted the Nigerian Police Force, and in conjunction with their fraud team, an operation was put in place to effect an arrest. He was arrested within hours and spent a night in police cell until he was able to post bail. All items were handed over to the Stafford Police Department in Texas to further investigate and to prosecute any US based person involved in the transaction. Mr Olusegun was also prosecuted in Nigeria to the full extent of the law.

Mr Ibitayo - Working with a Geraldo Lopez based in the US, Mr Ibitayo in March 2011, directed a shipment of 7 dell laptops, 1 Alienware laptop, 5 addidas shoes, 6 shirts, 1 baseball hat and 1 dell printer to the warehouse of American AirSea Cargo in the US. As usual within minutes of receiving the shipment, they were identified as fraud. Our staff conducted further investigations and contacted the Lagos state police command as usual. An arrest operation was put in place in conjunction with the police, and the recipient, Mr Ibitayo was immediately picked up by men of the Lagos state police command within a few hours. All items were handed over to the Stafford Police Force in Texas for further investigation. Mr Ibitayo was also prosecuted in Nigeria to the full extent of the law.

Mr Ola Ponle - Working with a Miss Paterson of Clovis, California, the credit card details of Miss Mudge of Mountain View, California was used to purchase a Vizio 42" LCD HDTV on March 24th, 2011. The item was shipped to American AirSea Cargo to dispatch out of the country, but as usual based on extensive fraud detection training, our warehouse personnel placed a fraud alert on this shipment, and set out to perform further investigations. The item was purchased from Walmart, and a call was placed to them. Surprisingly, they could not identify it as a fraud, and gave it a pass mark as been a legitimate transaction. Due to the signature of the transaction, our fraud team still not satisfied contacted Miss Peterson who gave a very convincing story of its authenticity. Calls were then placed to Mr Ola Ponle, and he also gave a fantastic story. But our fraud team still believed it was a fraud shipment based on their experience and training. We requested for further documentation from Miss Peterson within 30 days, and after she did not provide it, the items were handed over to the local police for final verification. The team of fraud specialist in the Stafford police department, investigated and discovered that is was actually a fraud shipment, confirming our initial suspicion, that was even disputed by Walmart. Items were then handed over to them (The Stafford Police Department), and they have commenced further investigation and possible prosecution of those involved.

Other numerous cases exist of shipments that have been returned to various stores, and we will not hesitate to handover anyone found to be involved in this to the appropriate authorities.

Again, our advise is to stay clear of fraud shipments through American AirSea Cargo. We do not wish to hand over or arrest anyone, but when you try to use our medium to commit fraud, we will go all out to ensure you are arrested, charged and fully prosecuted. We have stepped up our enforcement of all shipments with serious training to our staffs, as well as a good working relationship with the Lagos State Police Command (Nigeria), and the Stafford Police Department (Texas, USA). Again, don't risk it with us.

Thank You For Your Cooperation.