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Frequently Asked Questions on Shipping

It is very normal to have some questions when it comes to shipping with a freight company, especially when it is the first time. There are things you need to have an idea of, before you decide to go on with the action of importing or exporting items. Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) on shipping that would help clear your doubts on shipping with Shoptomydoor.


What is an E-Procure account (Mail Forwarding Service)
E-Procure is our specially designed mail/package forwarding service designed to enable us track accurately shipments coming in from customers who are not physically based in the US but order products usually with their credit cards from various US stores. As a licensed shipping company, our mail forwarding service offers you the cheapest shipping cost possible. To learn more about the great benefits of E-Procure, please go to the E-Procure page.

Must l sign up for an E-Procure account 

Yes you must sign up for an E-Procure account so as to have all your items or packages directed to your unique warehouse address for update purpose.

What are your shipping rates

Our rates are fixed and generally 50% to 70% less than rates from the major shipper, making it about the cheapest in the country for the same or better quality of service. We offer discounts depending on the size and frequency of your shipment. For exact quote, please click on “Get A Quote” and enter the relevant information. A quote will automatically be generated if the “To” and “From” and location you are shipping from. Please contact us directly at contact contact@shoptomydoor.com, or click on the chat button now to chat live with a customer service agent.

How do l pay for shipments
We make it easy to pay online using the various payment methods. These include US issued credit cards, PayPal for all other locations, online transfer, debit card as well as specific payment solution designed for other countries where we have established partners. You can also pay directly into any of our partner banks in Nigeria (In our biggest E-Procure country, Nigeria), but must inform the teller to note your invoice number in the system.

What exchange rate is used to pay in countries where you have local partners.
For countries where, we have established partners, exchange rates may  fluctuate under normal conditions on a daily basis at about 1% to 3%. For local payments, we mark up the exchange rate by 2%, above the official exchange rate. This help to cater for exchange rate fluctuations and to take care of fees required to remit payments to our US office. You can also pay the exact amount in dollars to any of the designated Dom ($) accounts. Your invoice will automatically show the account details after your payment is made.

Can you deliver to my home or office.
Yes we offer door to door delivery in all countries we serve. Please use our quote form to see how much it will be to ship to your destination.

Who does the clearing of my goods.
We do all the clearing and all the running around to the ports etc, offering you a smooth and hassle free experience. All you do is wait for your cargo to be delivered. It’s as easy as that. At any time you can always see the status of your shipment by tracking it online.

When does my shipment get to me

Shipments reach most world wide locations in 3 to 5 business days. Delays do occur once in a while, but we have maintained an on-time delivery success rate of more than 99%. Other reasons for delays may be due to congestion that occurs with our cargo airlines during festive seasons. We normally experience slight delays prior to Christmas (November ending to last week before Christmas as shops worldwide try to stock up for the Christmas shopping).

When can l drop off my shipment in your office
Our office in Houston (Texas) is open Mondays to Fridays from 9am till 5pm. However we offer late drop off on Fridays and close by 7pm on these this date.

What documents are needed to make a shipment
We always need receipts/invoice for the items you want to ship. This is required by the US customs to ensure items been shipped were paid for legitimately. This is an absolute must for all shipments of Computers. Without receipts, your shipment will not be shipped.

Can l ship with you if l am not based in Houston
Yes you can, and in fact 100’s of customers all over the US are using this method. Please refer to our cargo forwarding service. With this, you simply drop off you cargo in any FedEx location all over the US, and that's it.

Can l store items in your warehouse
Yes. We have a warehouse big enough to accommodate any size of customer cargo and can be stored for a limited time if you are waiting to deliver more items and to have it all shipped at once. Storage charges may apply. Please contact us at contact@shoptomydoor.com

Can I get discounts on my shipments
Yes you can, and we offer various categories of discounts depending on two things
a)        The amount of your shipment. Discount start from 150 pounds (70kg) or more automatically, and you will see your rate drop as you obtain this quote off our site.
b)        For regular customers who ship with us at least once every month, we can work out a rewards program for them.

Normally extra discounts above our normal rates start at 500 pounds or more. Contact us at contact@shoptomydoor.com for more details.

How do l package my shipments
You don’t need to worry too much about packaging, as we have employees and tools to professionally package your shipment to ensure your goods are delivered to its destination safely. We stock small cartons, large cartons, packing tape, packing foam, fasteners, shrink wrappers, bubble wraps and various labels, all designed to package your items professionally to its destination.

Do l need to crate my items
You only need to crate your items if they are very fragile and can easily be damaged during normal movement with cargo handling equipment e.g fork lifts. You may also need to crate them if they are of very high value to ensure maximum protection during shipment. Very large shipments may also need to be crated so that all of the customers cargo ships as a single unit.

We build the crates in our warehouse and do not charge you extra for that. We only charge the cost of the material required to build it. Charges for crating can range from as low as $50 for small crates to higher values depending on the size of the shipment.

How do l track my shipment
Simply track your shipment by entering your invoice number or tracking number or airway bill number on the tracking page. Note that only the invoice number assigned to you will work for tracking.

What countries do you ship to
We are a cargo company licensed by the United States Transportation and Security Administration and as such can ship cargo to virtually any country in the world. For specific rates and details of our service to other locations please send an email to contact@shoptomydoor.com Most countries that we serve on a daily basic can be seen on our quote page.

I am forwarding My shipment to you, How do l know the shipping cost before l send it.
Our shipping cost is straight forward to calculate, and you can determine the exact shipping cost from our get a quote page. Simply enter the weight and dimensions and click on get a quote to determine you shipping cost.

What is Volume Weight
International air freight involves two types of weights.

1) Actual Weight

2) Volume/Dimensional Weight -

For international air freight, with any company they use which ever is bigger (dimensional or actual). Dimensional is usually explained to most customers by considering one who wants to ship 100 kg of cotton wool. While this is just 100 kg, it may occupy the space of a whole plane, and you will have to pay for the space it occupies, in this case the whole plane. They don't say because it just 100 kg, that you pay only 100 kg.

To calculate the dimensional/volume weight of a shipment, please multiply the length x width x height (all in inches) and divide the result by 139. This gives the volume weight. If this is more that the actual weight of the shipment, the volume weight will be used in calculating the cost of shipping by air.  

Other companies, FedEx etc also have this. Go to Fedex Dimensional Weight and select Calculating Dimensional weights. 

For UPS, go to UPS Dimensional Weight and scroll down to calculating dimensional weights for international shipments. 

As a check, when you receive each of the packages. Do this. Measure the length, breadth and height (in inches). multiply these to get the Volume and divide it by 166 (same formula used by Fedex/UPS and American AirSea Cargo, and you will get the exact values you have on the invoices. Now, it is not all the time we run into dimensional weight, say about 5% of the time. 

What can I do if I make a purchase from a fraudulent website in China or US and no item was delivered to my warehouse?

Please verify the site before any purchase or better still buy from our preferred merchants http://www.shoptomydoor.com/Preferred_Merchants.html

What should I do to verify the authenticity of the website am purchasing from?  

1. Check if the web address starts with https://

2. Call, chat or email them with the contacts provided

2. Find out if the site is having SSL certificate.

Do you have list of recommended websites?

Yes, we do. You can follow this link for a list of recommended stores which you can make your purchases from   http://www.shoptomydoor.com/Preferred_Merchants.html

Can I buy goods from different countries (e.g India, Europe) where I have no warehouse address and still ship to my warehouse in China, US or UK?

Yes you can. All you need to do is to give you designated warehouse address to the merchant you are making purchases from to have your items delivered to for onward shipping down to your location

Is there any charges associated with the account created or expiration of my account?

We offer a free personal account to all our customers   on sign up. However with the premium and business accounts which you get certain discounts on their shipping cost there is a subscription fee

Is there any other hidden charges?

No there are no hidden charges. However extra charges apply on certain items such as Laptops ($20 each) Tablets ($19) and  Hazmats.  http://www.shoptomydoor.com/ShippingCalculation.html

How can I determine my shipping cost when I purchase items from stores.

You can use our get a quote tool   http://www.shoptomydoor.com/home.php?mode=get_a_quote  to get an estimate on your shipping cost using the weight and dimensions of the item(s) you want to ship. Note: This is only an estimate as your actual shipping cost is determined when the items gets to our warehouse

I received a notice that a delivery attempt on Saturday could not be made for my items. What do l do?
You don't need to do anything. It will be redelivered on Monday. 
What phone number do l use to place my orders online.

You are to use your personal phone number online as the stores will try to contact you directly. However, be free to also use our number if they store will not accept your foreign number. Our number can be seen on our contact us page below.

What is Hazmat

Hazmat is an abbreviation for hazardous materials, and refers to any item or agent (biological, chemical, physical) which has the potential to cause harm to humans, animals, or the environment, either by itself or through interaction with other factors. For airfreight, the most encountered hazardous materials we experience in travel to our main hub Lagos is perfumes and most items containing alcohols. Because of the special packaging and extra documentation required for Hazmat, it is charged at a slightly higher rate than normal cargo. Please contact contact@shoptomydoor.com for updated costs to ship Hazmat


Our E-Procure service allows customers to use their assigned warehouse to consolidate items from one or multiple stores. Consolidation simply refers to us receiving your items from the same or various stores, waiting for all to arrive, repackaging all together and then shipping them as one shipment. This service saves you over 60% off our normally discounted shipping rate, and in all saves you over 85% as compared to using other major/common carriers to ship multiple pieces direct from the stores. Our service takes it to an even better level by allowing you to decide when and how you want specific items to ship out.  Click here to learn how consolidation will save you lots of money.