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how to pay for extra invoice and Ocean Shipment

Paying for your shipment can be so easy and done right from your computer in a few minutes. Once your items are packaged, an invoice is created and you are automatically notified via email with instructions on how to make payment. Below shows a sample email alert.





Click on payment, and if you are not signed in, you will be prompted to sign in. 



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Once you are logged into your account, click on "Payment". From here you will see all unpaid invoices, and will have the option to pay for one or all invoices at once. To pay for just one, click on "Pay" and then go to the next step. Note that shipments are to be paid for in the order they were shipped out, and we may not released newer shipments of there are past due invoices.



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Select your shipping option, click on "Checkout" and move to the next step.





 Select your payment method, click on continue and follow any other subsequent instructions.



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Click on submit order to complete your payment.






Once payment is made or submitted, you will see your invoice generated, and you will be able to view every single item on the particular invoice. Always pay special attention to the "Note" beside each package as it may show more information on a particular item.