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Export Shipping from Nigeria to USA

Nigeria has so many products that can be shipped to the US for personal or commercial reason. With the fall of the Naira, this had made the Nigerian made products more lucrative to sell in other countries. 
So, are you ready to start sending goods such as fabrics/textiles, agricultural products, leather or food items to USA. ShopToMyDoor brings you the cheapest way to export from Nigeria to USA.

What can I export from Nigeria to USA?

When you are sending goods to USA it is important to know if there are products that are restricted or prohibited. See table for items that in high demand and frequently shipped by our customers from Nigeria to USA:

African clothes


Expression extension


African food stuff shipped from Nigeria to USA


Ankara-made Shoes


Leather slippers


How Can I Start Exporting From Nigeria to USA

Ankara materials shipped from Lagos to Houston

The process of shipping foodstuff, fabrics or other products is largely simplified owing to the efficient, straightforward and transparent services offered ShopToMyDoor; possessing the expertise, equipment, facilities and well trained staff. 
Exporting foodstuff, clothes, shoes or even equipment that need repair from anywhere in Nigeria to USA is very easy when you have joined ShopToMyDoor:
Step 1 – Click on Join now or go to ShopToMyDoor, click "Join Now", and you will be assigned a USA warehouse address for free.
Step 2 – Verify your phone number and email address via the code and link that we will send to you phone and email.
Step 3 – Log in to update your details. 
Step 4 – Now you can bring us the goods/products that you are shipping to the US and we will have it repackaged to suit the US customs/FDA requirement. We also pick up from anywhere in Nigeria.
Step 5 – Your packages will be shipped, cleared and delivered in the US.
Step 6 – You can have your recipient come to pick up from our Houston office.

How long is your shipping from Nigeria to USA?

Speakers and DJ equipments shipped by Shoptomydoor to USA

There are two shipping methods ShopToMyDoor uses in shipping foods stuffs and other products from Nigeria to USA:

  • Air Shipping to USA from Nigeria – ShopToMyDoor gives you the fastest and cheapest way to send parcels to your friends, families, customers and business partners in US from Nigeria. Our transit time is 10 to 14 business days, every 2 weeks. Items up to 100kg can be shipped immediately.
  • Ocean Shipping from Nigeria to USA – You can either bring in a full container load and we will ship it immediately or less than container load and we consolidate with other exporters shipping their goods from Nigeria to USA.

Documents Needed for Exporting Food and Other Goods from Nigeria into USA

There are certain norms of compliance that are to be met while exporting to the United States of America (USA) from Nigeria. These norms shall be inspected by the US Customs officials upon the arrival of your shipment; abiding by these compliance norms are necessary for successful entry of goods into the USA borders. 

Download document for commercial invoice 


Download document for packing list


Packaging and Labelling of Exportable African Foods and Other Products

When you bring your goods to ShopToMyDoor you can be sure of professional handling and the safety of your items are guaranteed in our safe and secured warehouse facilities.  A lot of technical expertise and safety measures go into exporting African foods to ensure products such as dried fish, stock fish, pumpkin leave, bitter leaf, melon, ogbono, dried snail and others are packaged and labelled in accordance with the US Food and Drug Administration to prevent damage at the port of entry.
Exporting African food is a lucrative business if you are looking for a means of making extra income.


List of things you cannot send to United States of America.

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