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Export FAQs


Q: Do I need an account with ShopToMyDoor?

A:  Yes.  It is compulsory, in other to keep you updated on shipment and other information.


Q: How do I register on ShopToMyDoor?

A: It only takes 30 seconds to one minute to sign up and start saving with Shoptomydoor. Go to our home page and click on the JOIN NOW link. Fill the form and you will be issued your warehouse address in US instantly.


Q: What are the items can I export?

A: You can export Nigerian/African made attires like Aso-oke, Adire Ankara, wedding hand fan, beads, and jewelry. Agro products/food produce such has dried fish, Mellon (Egusi), Ogbono, Pumpkin leaf (Ugwu), Snail, Skin (kpomo), Bitter leaf, Yam flour, Plantain flour, Cassava flour, Spices, Palm oil, Coconut oil, Shea butter and Ground nut. Solid minerals, cosmetics, article wood and pharmaceutical produce from Nigeria.


Q: Can the receiver pay on delivery in the US?

Answer: No, full payment has to be made before shipping from Nigeria to USA.


Q: Can someone make payment on my behalf for my shipment from US?

 A: Yes. You can have some make payment on your behalf before shipment ships as we have flexible payment method


Q: What is the transit time for export?

A: Shipping from Nigeria to USA takes just 10 to 14 business days via. This also includes the customs clearing before your goods gets to our US warehouse.


Q: Is there delivery to other places in USA, like Dallas, Atlanta, New York or items are only shipped to Houston-Texas?

A: Sure, for our export, shipping from Nigeria is to everywhere in USA.


Q: Do you have door to door delivery in USA? How long does it take to deliver from your US warehouse to my receiver?

 A: Yes we offer door to door delivery across USA and it takes 3 days from our pick-up/drop or warehouse locations.


Q: How do we know items have reached the US and when it can be picked up or delivered to the receiver?

A: We have a 16 live support and 24/7 tracking, you and your receiver will also be notified on the status of your shipment via SMS and email until we deliver.


Q: How fast and frequent is your shipping from Nigeria to USA?

A: We ship out within two weeks (i.e. once we have up to 100kg).


Q: What if I want to ship my items via sea/ocean to USA?

A: Yes we can handle your ocean shipping if you have full container load of items/products.


Q: Do you export items to other countries like Germany, Turkey, etc?

A: Definitely, we can help you move your products from Nigeria to various countries, not just to USA. However, in some cases, you will handle the clearing; as such the items will be shipped to Port of destination. To know countries where we do no not handle the clearing of your goods, please call 0700 800 8000.


Q: What documents do I need if I am shipping from Nigeria to the USA?

A: You will need a commercial invoice and packing list. If you are exporting food or agro products, you will need the FDA certificate. Simply come with your invoice and your packing list clearly describing your goods/products, stating where they are made, their component, and where necessary provide us the HS Code.


Q: What are the FDA regulated products?

A: The following items need to be approved by the FDA: food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, biological substances and electronic devices that emit radiation.


Q: How do I get approval for my goods at the US port of entry?

A: Shipments need to be electronically processed before the import process can begin.This starts by submitting the details of FDA-regulated products via the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBS) system. Upon entry, each product’s HS code will determine the next steps required to comply with all importation requirements.


Q: How can ShopToMyDoor help?

A:  As an authorized freight forwarder with headquarter in USA, we can manage the whole process on your behalf, now this simply means you don’t need to worry about FDA registration and regulations. Our FDA certificate can be used to ship approved items from Nigeria to USA. Let us handle the customs regulations while you focus on your business.