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  • How the service works 


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We do not currently ship to China

Shop Online Immediately

•    Go to your preferred online store, such as Amazon.
•    Shop using your Nigerian VISA/MasterCard or PayPal account.
•    Use the free address on the store when registering and they will ship them to your free US and/or UK address
•    You can shop more! You have 14 days free storage in our warehouse.
•    The more you shop, the lower your shipping cost. Our combine & save makes your shopping very affordable.
•    Click here to view stores to shop from

We deliver to your door step

•    As we receive your items, we load them into your warehouse.
•    We ship out items weighing less than 10lbs/5kg automatically once received at our warehouse on without payment.
•    We update you via SMS and/or email within 24 to 48 working hours on what was received.
•    Once payment is made, we will ship out from your USA and/or UK warehouse.
•    We ship, clear and deliver to your door via air or ocean. Your delivery methods will determine your expected delivery date.
•    We deliver to any location in Nigeria.


  • How to Know My Estimated Shipping Cost

We have three options to enable you determine your shipping cost.

•   At the top right of the home page you will see the “Get a Quote” button in red.

•   Click on it to calculate your shipping cost. This tool is very helpful, as you can use it to know your shipping cost from USA (Houston and Atlanta warehouse) and UK warehouse just before you buy an item.

•   We have three (3) items options to enable you determine your shipping cost:
Using Weight and Dimensions of a Product: This will help you get an accurate shipping cost using the height, length, width and height of your package. When using this, ensure you get the packaging dimension and not the product dimension. Many online stores, especially Amazon provides you both, you will see the product information of any item on their site.

Using the What Are You Shipping Option: This is typically used when you do not know the weight and dimension but know the exact product you want to buy or have already purchased. For example, you can use this option to know the cost to ship a shoe, bag, shirt and so many other items. If the products you are buying is not listed in the option, we have prepared boxes that could fit such to provide you the cost, if your item(s) fit into any of the four (4) boxes you will pay the cost for that box.

Using the Car Shipping Quote: This allows you know how much you will be charged to ship any type of car from USA to Nigeria. For now, we do not ship cars from UK, so you will not the cost for UK under car quote. Note that you will only get the shipping cost while the clearing, duty and any other charge such as pick up will be communicated to you by our quote specialist.


  • How to track your shipment

When your item is delivered to us, you can track for the location of your items at all times either when it has been quick shipped (that is for items less than 10lbs) or it was updated in the US, paid for before shipping out. To track your shipments, please follow these steps

•    Go to

•    Put in your Unit number given to you by your merchant on the column “Has my item arrived from the store”?

•    And click on search button to track the shipment

•    You can also use the “Track my shipment” column for items you already paid for using your order number

•    You will be able to see the location of your items at every stage.


  • Importance of ShopForMe and how it works

We provide personal shopper solutions to issues such as lack of time due to your busy schedule, you have no idea of where to shop from, card payment difficulties and lots more

•   Was your card declined by the Store? Our personal shopper service provides you an easy option to shop from stores that may decline your card.

•   There is no need travelling to shop when you have Shoptomydoor

•   No need worrying about what your baby needs after you have given birth in the US; or Fretting over the items you need your big day or any special event like wedding, birthday, house-warming.

•   Shoptomydoor ShopForMe team are available on phone, so you can talk to us immediately. Put a call through to us, place your order, get your total cost to pay and relax while we deliver to your door.

How ShopForMe works

•    Sign up on

•    Login into your account

•    Click on Shop For Me menu on the left hand-side 

•    Select Order Form

•    My Shopforme Bag

Fill in the order form. Select the country of purchase and select whether the order will be urgent or not (there is a fixed $10 for urgent purchase). Also, search the store(s) for the product (s) you would like to buy in the USA or UK and fill out the order form with the information of the store and product that you would like to buy. You can add as many products as you like and add all to bag.

•    Submit your order

After reviewing the information of your shopping in "My shopforme Bag", click on check out on any of your preferred shipping method to submit and make payment.  The procurement specialist will receive your request and work on your order within 2 hours and further updated will be communicated to you by email. 

Once we receive it from the online store it will be updated into your warehouse in 24 to 48 hours and you will be notified via SMS/email.

•    Shoptomydoor shops for you

As your order is being worked on by the procurement specialist, you will receive all information on the status of your order, tracking information and the delivery status of your order.

•    Shopmydoor delivers to you

Shoptomydoor ships your shopforme items all the way to the door of your home or office

Shoptomydoor delivers to your US warehouse if you selected the add to my warehouse option.



After Delivery / item drop off to our US Addresses in Georgia Texas (Houston Warehouse and Bissonnet Office) and Atlanta (Norcross Warehouse and Riverdale office), the shipment will be updated into your warehouse; the following steps should be followed to make payment.

1.   From your warehouse you will see pending shipment not yet paid for, click on Show Delivery then a:Dialogue boxes showing details of your shipment display:

2.   Confirm if all values and quantities are correct by clicking Yes or No.

3   Select your preferred shipping method (Air or Ocean) depending on what method you would to use.

4.  After checking out, your shopping cart appear which shows your shipment and price details:

5.  Shipping & Payment menu appear then click on the preferred payment method and click continue
         •     GTBank Online Transfer (Naira/Dollar): Copy the Account details and transfer or pay at bank 
         •     Paystack: You can either pay with Card or Bank
               *  Pay with Card: Fill  the card numbers,type the expiring Month and Year and your card CVV.
               *  Pay with Bank: Select your bank, you will be redirected to your bank platform to make payment
       •    Paypal: Click on Paypal and it will redirect you to Paypal Website to make payment.Enter you Paypal information and proceed to make                        payment.

6.  Place order menu appear which comprise contact information, billing address, shipping address, payment method and shipping charges
         •     Enter your coupon code to offset part or all shipping cost if you have any
         •     Click on I accept the Terms and conditions box
         •     Click on Submit order and make payment