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We offer huge discounts to corporate customers who sign up all their staffs on our E-Procure account. Typically for companies with 50 or more staffs, we offer them a $60 discount on a 12 months premium account. Hence they pay for a 1 month premium account, and they are approved for 12 months. We also offer them discount on every day shipping by issuing a discount coupon to the company. When use, staffs get a discount off their shipping cost.


We provide E-Procure services for members of Schlumberger corporative, offering them huge savings on purchases from the US, both for items and cars, and anything they require from the US.


Interested in having your staff enjoy huge discounts on our E-Procure services, please provide us the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Company Contact (Phone and Email Address)
  • Address
  • Number of Staffs
  • Any other Comments.

Please email to [email protected]