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Saving With Consolidation

Shopping USA, UK and China online stores means getting great products, but shipping multiple packages if at all they ship out to some countries will be too expensive to handle. Consolidation simply refers to us receiving your items from the same or various stores, waiting for all to arrive, repackaging all together and then shipping them as one shipment. At Shoptomydoor we save you over 80% on international shipping cost direct to your door, with our consolidation service you are allowed to store items free in our warehouse for 14 days and ship out when ready.
  • Enjoy lower cost of everyday items from USA, UK and China. 
  • Use your assigned address to shop from over a hundred thousand online shops and billions of items.
  • Receive all shopping at the same time with a reduced shipping cost.
For example: Jane has bought several items from Amazon, Ebay, Bluefly and Autopart. Now she can ship every item to Africa, with either of these options:
  • Have the stores who ship internationally ship the items to her separately. 
  • She can use our normal shipping service and have us ship all items as they arrive to her.
  • She can have the items consolidated using Shoptomydoor and save 80% on shipping cost.

See How Consolidation Reduces Shipping Cost

Consolidated Shipping

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