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Saving With Consolidation

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There are 2 main ways our E-Procure service saves you lots of money.

1) Lower cost of everyday items from US, UK and China. See our sample analysis to see how much you can save on everyday items.

2) Our E-Procure service allows customers to use their assigned warehouse to consolidate items from one or multiple stores. Consolidation simply refers to us receiving your items from the same or various stores, waiting for all to arrive, repackaging all together and then shipping them as one shipment. This service saves you over 60% off our normally discounted shipping rate, and in all saves you over 85% as compared to using other major/common carriers to ship multiple pieces direct from the stores. Our service takes it to an even better level by allowing you to decide when and how you want specific items to ship out.

Example : Jane, who lives in Africa, needs to order four different items, and she got the best deals from four different US stores. She has four choices for using this service.

  • She can have the stores who ship internationally ship the items to her separately. Using this method, she will pay a total of $505.06.
  • She can use our normal shipping service (without an E-Procure account), and have us ship all items as the arrive to her. In this case she will pay $30.28.
  • She can have the items consolidated using her E-Procure account, and pay just $29.11 for the whole shipment.

Consolidated Shipping

By using our E-Procure service, she has saved as much as 95% off her international shipping cost. What's more the consolidation service is free for our Personal, Premium and Business E-Procure accounts, and allows you to pay, manage, and track just one shipment, instead of numerous different shipments.


Our shipping rate is determined based on the class of service you choose. Click Here to get an estimated shipping cost   

Transit Times

Average global transit time is from 4 business days.


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