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Services From China Warehouse

The following list the services we offer from our China warehouse. 



Online Shopping

Our most popular service, popularly called E-Procure service. Simply use your Visa or MasterCard or any other global payment card to shop on sites all over the China. Have the store deliver it to your US address, and we will dispatch to your country. Shipments depart our China warehouse weekly using our standard shipping service or daily using our expedited service through Fedex.

Free Consolidation Service

Consolidation simply refers to the receiving of your items from the same or various stores at the same or different times, and combining them together as one shipment for international shipping. This service can save you up to 80% on international shipping compared to using other major/common carriers to ship multiple pieces direct from the stores. Please note the following about our present operation from China.

  1. Once items arrive you are immediately notified via email of its arrival.
  2. All items are then shipped off weekly to our Nigerian warehouse.
  3. Consolidation with items received at different times are carried out in our Nigerian warehouse.
  4. You still enjoy and benefit from our consolidation service as all items will be consolidated in our Lagos warehouse. 

Free Repackaging Service

Our repackaging service is designed to save you thousands in shipping cost. We look the size of the boxes used to deliver your items from various stores and repack them into the smallest possible box for your items. With hundreds of boxes in stock at all times, we always have the right box to save you on shipping cost. 

Procurement Service

Designed for cases where your card international card is declined on certain online stores in the US. Our procurement or Personal Shopper service will step in and order the products for you. Simply use the procurement option in your account, and thats it.

Ocean Service

When time is not critical in the delivery of your items, or cost is more paramount because of a tight budget, we recommend our Ocean Solution. From special equipment, to oversized cargo, to full container load (FCL), less-than-container loads (LCL), Shoptomydoor can arrange to move your items from anywhere in the US to selected final destination. Presently we offer LCL and full Ocean Services only to Nigeria.

Shipment Drop Off

Are you living or in the Guangzhou area, simply fell free to come to our China warehouse and drop off your shipment directly. We will package and ship just like your normal e-procure service.

Cargo Forwarding

Apart from shipments from your assigned warehouse address, Shoptomydoor.com also offer Cargo Forwarding service designed to move your cargo shipped to us from virtually any location in the US to any location worldwide. Simple let us know at [email protected] and we can pick up from your US supplier, move to your warehouse and consolidate with other items.

Excess Luggage

Your assigned warehouse address does more than just ship from various online stores. Ever been in a situation where you discovered you have too much luggage at the airport check in. Simply mail your luggage to your US warehouse and we will pack and move it to your final location at great rates.

Free 21 Days Storage

When shopping from multiple stores, it may take time for items to arrive and so we offer free 21 days storage for your items. After 21 days storage charges start acruing at $0.1/pound/day, and must be paid for before items ship out.  

Hazmat Shipping

Hazardous materials include common house hold items such as perfumes, batteries, paints and a lot of other items you desire. Shoptomydoor.com offers hazardous/hazmat packaging and shipping from our US warehouse to ensure you continue to save on these great items. Click here to learn more about hazmat.


Need other specialized from the US?. Please contact us at [email protected]