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FAQs For Shoptomydoor Access Bank MasterCard

1. Is the card for sale?
  • Yes and can be  purchased from any Access Bank branch for #600

2. What are the requirements needed to get the card? 

   Required documentation for card issuance includes;

  • Valid means of ID
  • Utility Bill
  • One Passport Photograph
  • Filled Card application Form (including BVN)

3. What is the daily, monthly and annual spend limit in Naira and dollar?

  • There are no Monthly Spend Limits. Annual International Spend Limit is $50,000. Maximum amount on the card at any time cannot exceed 250,000.


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4. Where can I get the card?

5. Do I need to have an access bank account to get the card?

  • No

6. How do I fund my card? 

  • For card loading and funding, this card can be loaded with cash at any Access Bank branch nationwide and also via card transfers from other banks on Quickteller via any ATM or online at www.quickteller.com

7. Are there extra charges on the card during a transaction?

  • YES there are transaction charges.
  • Exchange Rate on international transactions is defined by the issuer.
  • International ATM Transaction Fee – NGN240
  • Local ATM Fee (from 4th Transaction on other bank terminal) – NGN65
  • Any other International ATM Transaction Fee as presented by the ATM Acquirer.
  • SMS Transaction Notifications – NGN4

8. Do I get any discount on the card?

  • This card will offer up to 20% discount on Shipping and Freight costs for the first two transactions and 15% on subsequent transactions.

10.  How can I get my card balance and card account details? Do I get SMS notification for card transactions?

  • Card Balances are delivered via SMS Transaction Notifications, ATMs or our Contact Centre. There is presently no online banking platform for the card.

11. Can I fund my card from another banks account via online transfer?

  • YES. Your prepaid card can be funded from another bank’s debit card via www.quickteller.com. Please refer to your prepaid card welcome letter for steps. 

12. Can the card be used outside Nigeria on ATMs?

·         YES

13. Can the spending limit be increased upon request?

  • NO

14. Is there any minimum card balance and annual maintenance?

  • Annual Maintenance is NGN100.

15. Can my card be linked to an existing account?

  • NO

16. Can I customize my card with a nickname and a picture; is there a charge to it?

  • YES, but that has to be on your Access Bank account.

17.  If the card is stolen or missing, what do I do? What helpline can be contacted for issues with transactions?

  • Please call our 24 Hour Contact Centre on 01- 2712005-7 to block your card, and request for another card.

18.  What is the exchange rate for transactions on the card?

  • The bank decides this.

19.  Would the exchange rate at the point of transaction always be the same at the point of settlement?

  • YES

20.  Is payment settlement instant?

  • YES for ATM transactions, but NO for non cash transactions (POS & WEB) these are dependent on the merchant.

21.  Does the card use an OTP that can be used for every transaction or a secure code?

  • The card uses a dynamic OTP for local web transactions. This will be delivered to the cardholder’s registered phone number with the bank at the point of transaction.