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Buying Cars From USA

Wondering how to buy that affordable car from the US and also ship it down to your doorstep in Nigeria? With our Shop For Me service (Procurement service), we can help you purchase any car of your choice. And if you wish to take care of the car purchase yourself, we can also ship your car down from the US to anywhere in Nigeria for as low as $790 with a delivery time frame of 6 – 8 weeks. Apart from buying and shipping your car from USA to anywhere in Nigeria, we also help with custom clearance of your car immediately it reaches the Nigerian port. Our custom clearance only takes 5 – 6 days, with the lowest clearing cost guaranteed.

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How ShopToMyDoor’s Innovative Auto Shipping Works

We offer two main solutions for customers that want to buy cars and other automobiles from USA

1.Do it Yourself – This is for customers that wish to handle the procurement of their car by themselves. We only handle the shipping of their cars from USA to Nigeria. Follow the steps below to know how this works

        I.Sign up for a free USA address by using the sign up button above. 

       II.Buy the car of your choice from any dealer of your choice and have it delivered to your assigned address. 

     III.Once it’s delivered, we will notify you and book it in your warehouse for shipping.

    IV.Our 100% coverage will cover just the car in its condition when it’s received, but you will need to pay separately at 0.5% (of the shipping and car cost) for this coverage to apply.

     V.The coverage also applies from the time we receive it till it’s delivered to you if we are to handle the shipping, clearing and delivery to your door. If we do not handle the clearing, the coverage seizes the instant  it gets to the ports.


2.Let’s Do it For You – This solution is tailored for customers that would want us to both procure the car on their behalf, as well as shipping it down from USA to Nigeria. Follow the steps below to know how this works

      I.Let us know the car you are interested in buying. We will need the year, make and model, as well as the budget you have in mind. Email these details to us at contact@shoptomydoor.com

    II.Once we review, we will let you know if the budget is realistic and provide you with realistic estimates to deliver the car you need to your door.

   III.If the estimate is good with you, an initial deposit of the cost of the car will be needed before we purchase the car on your behalf. Unfortunately, this is necessary to be sure we are dealing with serious customers.

Once paid, we provide you with a list of three options to choose from. The selected option will then be used to prepare the final costing to you. You will be free to select other services such as pre-inspection if desired. Once payment is made for the selected option, we will go ahead and buy the car usually within 24 hours of making payment and keep you updated on the delivery details.


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