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Are you looking at buying your next car, truck, or power bike? At we help you save million by buying from our chain of USA dealers. Passing to you, savings up to 30% of the price you would be paying buying a car from USA to Nigeria.


How to Buy A Car from USA to Nigeria Stress-Free?

Buying a car from USA to Nigeria is easy when you follow these steps:

  • Register on shoptomydoor and get your free USA address
  • With your USA address you can shop for any car like a resident in USA

  • Simply select your choice of car from any online car dealer or buy from an auction site.

  • If you are unable to shop using your Nigeria bank card, we’ve got you covered with our personal shopper service. Out team are available to help you buy any brand of car you love from our chain of USA car dealers, including car auction

  • Once your car has been purchased, it will be sent to our USA warehouse, either in Atlanta or Houston, depending on the address you have selected to use.

  • Once payment is made shoptomydoor will load your car into a container, ship, clear and deliver to you in 6 to 7 weeks.


Shoptomydoor Car Shipping Methods

Shoptomydoor container shipping


Getting cheap cars from USA to Nigeria is easy, but shipping used cars from USA to Nigeria or even brand-new cars can be way cheaper using the Shoptomydoor ocean shipping service. This service comes in two (2) categories:

Priority Ocean Shipping; and 

Standard Ocean Shipping.

Both options are cost saving, however the prices and transit time slightly differ. While priority ocean shipping usually takes 6 to 7 weeks only, the standard shipping takes 8 to 12 weeks for delivery.

Shipping Your Car By Air 
Although this is a much faster method of car freight  to Nigeria. It is usually very expensive. However, cars shipped by air will only take 1 to 2 weeks for delivery. This method is used for luxury cars like Ferrari, Lamborghini etc


Benefits of Buying A Car from USA to Nigeria with Shoptomydoor

Shoptomydoor - ships car


  • We save you millions by buying a car from USA to Nigeria through our chain of USA dealers.
  • We buy, ship, clear and deliver to your door – Anywhere in Nigeria.

  • Safe containerized delivery in 6 to 7 weeks to your door when you are buying a car from USA to Nigeria.

  • Fast shipping by air, when you need your car in two (2) weeks we will fly your car from USA to Nigeria.

  • You enjoy peace of mind with our guaranteed payment on correct duties.

  • You have a dedicated Account Officer to work with you when buying a car from USA to Nigeria.

  • We are rated 5-stars on Facebook & Google.


Speak with the Shoptomydoor Luxury Car Specialist now on 0700 800 1000


Trusted Online Car Dealers in USA    

There are so many online car dealers you can trust in USA. Unfortunately, shipping cars to Nigeria from USA is not one of the services they offer, while those that offer shipping to Nigeria do it a very expensive price.

Cost of Shipping Cars to Nigeria from USA  

By now you are probably wondering how much it costs to ship a car from USA to Nigeria. Typically, Nigeria is one of the most expensive places to ship cars to using other major shippers, it cost you anything from $3000 to $7000.
While Shoptomydoor saves you over 50% of such high prices, shipping your car as low as $1,090 from USA to Nigeria


Some Brand of Cars We Have Shipped, Cleared and Delivered

Documents Required for Shipping Cars to Nigeria from   

  • Original title
  • Original purchase invoice/bill of sale

  • The make, model, serial number and year of car

  • VIN must be included in the title

  • Biodata page of your international passport

Other than the standard documentation, a vehicle that is above 15 years will not be shipped to Nigeria from USA. Such cars above 15 years are regards as contraband and will attract higher duty during the clearing process.

Cost of Clearing Cars in Nigeria

When shopping online in the US or UK, you are to use your assigned address as your shipping address. Use your own personal phone number in the phone field in case the store needs to contact you. Also, take not that the billing address to use on any site you are shopping from is the address as registered with your bank on your card. The store will deliver to your Shoptomydoor assigned address and we will combine all your items and ship to you.

Importance of Your Unit Number

Currently, a 35% duty is charged on the cost of your car, in addition to a 35% levy which gives the total clearing cost at 70% of the initial cost of the vehicle.
The clearing duration is typically within 2 to 5 business days. Our in-house clearing agent are licensed with the Nigeria Customs Service and ensure that the correct duties are paid to avoid confiscation in future by customs.



“Many clearing agents are very dishonest when it comes to clearing cars. Even when you pay for full clearing, they don’t pay and then it becomes a problem when you encounter customs on the road. With Shoptomydoor, I did my findings when I got a car through them in 2017 and the Nigerian Customs verified, they did a good job with all duties correctly paid. Now, I am getting another car and confident I can travel anywhere without fear of being seized.”

Eronmosele D – 2019

“I used to be very skeptical about clearing agents; some of them take as much as a month to get cars cleared from the port. The story changed when I used to buy a car from USA. It only too 5 days after shipping and arrival at the port for my car to be cleared. You definitely need Shoptomydoor.”

Gerald Obanor – 2017



Nothing to worry… you can reach us on 0700 800 8000 (Nigeria office), +1 888 315 9027 (USA office) or WhatsApp: 234 813 541 4956.

You can also send email to us via: